The 50 Most Innovative Global Muslim Startups 2015

Towards A Global Muslim Startup Ecology

We finished our short pitch, he took a breath and said, ‘You’re really going to have to be careful about infiltrators.’ We didn’t know what to say, ‘You mean like the FBI?’ ‘No, I mean like ISIS.’ WOW.

  1. It became crystal clear to us how much of an uphill struggle Muslim centric companies face in Western startup communities. This despite the clear market logic that shows that there is almost no greater growth market opportunity, as Muslims make up one-quarter of humanity representing trillions of dollars in potential revenues.
  2. It affirmed for us how important our work is at Ummah Wide in telling a more diverse and complete story about Muslims globally.
  3. Finally, it showed us how important it is that we support the growth of a strong global Muslim startup ecology.
500 Startups Blog— Click photo for link

In the recent report “State of the Global Islamic Economy” published by Thomson Reuters Islamic Finance Gateway arm in collaboration with Dinar Standard it is estimated that in aggregate the Muslim consumer and lifestyle sectors were worth $1.6 trillion dollars in 2012, with growth of those markets expected to reach $2.47 trillion dollars by 2018.

Click the infographic for a link to the full report

The internet makes it possible for companies focused on capturing a part of this global Muslim market to emerge and we are beginning to see these companies being birthed at an ever increasing scale. While many companies could have made this list, these are the 50 that we are the most excited about.

Noor Kids

Holiday ME, Halal Trip, Irhal & Sacred Footsteps

Ummah Wide — Media & Technology — Oakland, California


November Culture

Baraka Bits

Creative Ummah


The Play Studio, Sukoon Creative, Wage Beauty, House of Gul & Make Me Believe

House of Gul Website

The Play Studio based in London is a creative design agency started by Mehedi Islam that works on branding, digital and animation design.

Affinis Labs


Screen Grab from the Qeerad homepage

The Muslim ARC (Anti-Racism Collaborative)

Executive Muslim




Screen shot from the Blossom Website



MPower Change named #6 most innovate company in the world by Fast Company for 2015. Pictured in the photo is Rashad Robinson, the Founder and CEO of Color of Change

My Halal Kitchen, Halal Gems & Honest Chops

The Whitestone Foundation

Whitestone Foundation branding

Arabic Made in China

The Safa Center for Research & Education, The Tarbiya Institute & The Green Room

Branding for the Green Room in Edmonton, Canada

Popinjay & Markhor

From the Popinjay Website: “At present, our 150 women are learning the art of hand embroidery with silk or resham threads, and getting together for four hours every morning to create the beautiful motifs that appear on our handbags.”

Ahli & Musallah

The Muslim Writers Collective



Coming of Faith

Ummah Catalyst


Louella Founder, Ibtihaj Muhammad modeling the Black Lace Faizah Dress

Growmada Social Enterprise — Chicago, Illinois and Doha, Qatar

5ive Pillars & Al Ghuraba Clothing

Ahlan Art & Cufica

Ahlan Art website and a photo from the @cufica Instagram account

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The Center for Global Muslim Life (CGML) is a future-oriented Muslim social impact fund, cultural production lab, and research center