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Celo’s First WhatsApp Wallet

A dive into the Umoja WhatsApp Wallet

So what’s preventing the mainstream’s transition to the new digital economy? Technical literacy, poor user experience, device constraints, and a lack of on/off-ramps.

1. Poor UX & Technical Literacy Requirements

2. Device Constraints

3. A Lack of On/Off-Ramps

The World of WhatsApp

So what if we embedded crypto-wallets into existing messaging applications like WhatsApp to extend exposure of what DeFi has to offer?

Introducing the Umoja WhatsApp Wallet

On/Off-Ramps, Yield & Borrowing via Messaging

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Umoja Labs (formerly known as Emerging Impact) provides last mile payments infrastructure to aid agencies and fintechs so that they may provide affordable financial tools to some of the most underserved communities on the planet through our blockchain-based payments suite.

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Robert Greenfield IV

CEO of Umoja Labs, Former Head of ConsenSys Social Impact, @Goldman Alum, @Cisco Alum, @TFA Alum, Activist, Intense Autodidact