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Our Favourite Florence and the Machine Collabs

Kellie Given

Since 2007, London indie rockers Florence and the Machine have been gracing our charts with their captivating baroque pop. Lead by the powerhouse that is Florence Welch; the band have become known for their very specific sound, which centres around the magic of Welch’s voice, and their enchanting aesthetic. Whether teaming up for a live performance or tapping into some songwriting credits, Welch has collaborated with a bunch of other artists both in her band and solo. Here are our fave picks.

‘Hey Girl’ — Lady Gaga ft. Florence Welch

The duet between Lady Gaga and Welch, off Gaga’s 2016 Joanne, was one that had been long-awaited for by fans of both artists. Both magnetic forces, the two were constantly compared in the industry for being two unique artists on a similar field, and they finally hit back at critics by suggesting that when women support each other they grow stronger. The track, the only feature on Joanne, is a swanky hit that sees both artists’ voices mix together perfectly to challenge the outdated idea that there can only be one reigning female in pop.

‘You Got The Dirtee Love’ — ft. Dizzee Rascal

A cover of the 1986 hit from The Source, ‘You Got The Love’ appeared on Florence and the Machine’s 2009 debut album Lungs as ‘You’ve Got The Love.’ Described as one of Welch’s “favourite songs ever”, the cover went on to become one of groups biggest hits and earned Welch a remix with Dizzee Rascal which was debuted at the 2010 Brit Awards. ‘You Got The Dirtee Love’ sees the song’s chorus interpolated with verses from Dizzee touching on tough times, and appeared on the deluxe version of the album, Between Two Lungs.

‘Sweet Nothing’ — Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch

The 2012 hit from Calvin Harris and Welch was a significant highlight, combining the electricity of Harris’ production with the bliss of Welch’s voice. A booming dance hit, the track pokes at a love that has no depth and debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart. It marked the first number one for Harris since 2009’s ‘I’m Not Alone’ and went on to receive a Grammy nom for “Best Dance Recording.”

‘I Come Apart’ — A$AP Rocky ft. Florence Welch

Off his debut 2013 album Long. Live. A$AP, ‘I Come Apart’ is probably the most random out of Welch’s collab list, but the two complement each other surprisingly well. Appearing as a bonus track on the deluxe version of the album, the track focuses on love and heartbreak and features an echoing beat to pair with Welch’s falsetto in the chorus. Bridging the gap between indie rock and hip hop, the track only further proved that Welch’s presence was powerful in any realm.

‘Spectrum (Say My Name)’ — ft. Calvin Harris

Another collab from the Harris-Welch dream team, the DJ jumped on a remix for the band’s ‘Spectrum’, off their 2011 album Ceremonials. ‘Spectrum (Say My Name)’ became the fourth single from the album, earning the band their first number one on the UK Singles Chart, where they stayed for about three weeks. Adding EDM layers to the orchestral pop hit, Harris brought out what was missing and through a collective effort the song became one of both artists’ best.

‘Gimme Shelter’ — Rolling Stones ft. Florence Welch

Joining the legendary rockers onstage at London’s O2 Arena back in 2012, Welch burst to life with her duet of The Rolling Stones’ 1969 hit ‘Gimme Shelter.’ Engaging in a playful battle with Mick Jagger, Welch swoops onstage like a red-haired hurricane and immediately matches the iconic frontman’s confidence. The two have excellent chemistry and Welch provides a raspy and raw vocal that would surprisingly make her a great fit for a rock album.

‘King’ — Jack Antonoff

After a significant dry spell (the band’s last album High As Hope came out in 2018 and their last single in 2020), Florence and the Machine’s first single ‘King’ has arrived. Co-produced and co-written by Jack Antonoff, the track features the classic crescendos Antonoff is known for and brings a Stevie Nicks feel to Welch’s sound and voice. “I am no mother, I am no bride, I am King,” Welch repeats throughout the track, challenging the roles of womanhood and the expectations for their roles in society. Antonoff and Welch make quite the pair, and we hope he’ll appear more on the band’s upcoming fifth album.

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Originally published at https://umusic.co.nz on March 15, 2022.



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