How to get started with your new Qualtrics account

Eduardo Henriques
Dec 14, 2018 · 3 min read

We help dozens of Qualtrics clients with any and all aspects of Qualtrics: program planning, resource overflow, designing programs, writing surveys, programming surveys, consulting on advanced programming needs, data analysis, advanced analytics, reporting in Qualtrics and reporting in powerpoint.

So here are a few thoughts to help you get started… based on what we have seen:

Web Experience

How does your web experience stack up to your competitors? Are there pain points? Areas that need to be improved?

Competitive Evaluation

How does your product, service or experience rate relative to competitors within or outside of your industry?

New Product Launch

Thinking about launching a new product line, have you checked-in with your customers to see what they think?


Re-designing your website, marketing or product offering, have you utilized consumers in your design process?

Ad & Brand Tracker

Are you paying an arm and a leg to large full service research firms to conduct your ad and brand tracking studies?

Employee Evaluation

Does your company have an appetite to modernize the way it evaluates employee performance?

Customer Profile

Who is your website visitor? What’s important to them?

Current & Target Customer

Who is your current customer? Who is your target customer? (demographically and psychographically)

Target the customer

Where do you find your customer? What’s important to them? What can you offer them?

Ok. That’s a lot of questions — but we see a few of these per week!

The Voice of the Customer is growing in value and importance. No longer are we making decisions based on gut or history but rather, a combination of consumer and brand-guided.

1 Who are the primary stakeholders? Who is involved in carrying out market research? Who consumes your findings?

2 Who are our competitors and what else do we need to learn about them?

3 Who is our customer? What do they look like? What’s important to them? What need do you fulfill in their day-to-day?

4 How do you share insights across the organization?

Let’s say you have an idea on something you want to test, get some consumer input on before sharing it more widely… Here’s how it would work and what we would need to learn to make a recommendation and put forth a plan:

  • Project background and business objectives (why are you doing this? What impact will the results have? What will change? What will you do because of it?)
  • Existing research (what work has been done to date? Any anecdotal feedback? Any internal hypotheses about what is or will happen?)
  • Target audience (who do you need to capture feedback from? Internally, externally, other?)
  • Timing (how quickly do you want to get started? When do you need results back?)

Un Cortadito

This is the place to check it out, yeah!

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