Latina Vs. Gringa White Paper

Our latest report takes a deeper look into the world of Moms. But we took a different approach here. We looked through the lens of Latina women compared to the world of Gringas in the USA.

To craft our report, we asked about the things they (Latinas and Gringas) google, their hobbies, their passions, their fears, their dreads and their dreams. The insights we provide in this report are culled from just over 250 Latinas and 250 Gringas.

Now, let me give you guys a quick glimpse of what you will find in the report. The first section of our white paper demonstrates how Latinas and Gringas see themselves… and here is what you did not know about them.

Overall, our findings show that Latinas identify with more of a free-spirited sense, but they complement that feeling with organization and professionalism. On the other hand, Gringas prefer to see themselves as realists… They follow a simple and traditional lifestyle, considering themselves more introverted and studious.

Here is just a snapshot of Latinas vs. Gringas white paper: The top 5 things you did not know about them.