Road to Quito

On the 15th of October 2016, the city of Quito has graciously offered to play host to a once in a generation event, The United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development Children and Youth Assembly.

The Children and Youth Assembly is a precursor to the UN Habitat III summit which aims to produce a global framework called the ‘New Urban Agenda’, which will provide a grand strategy to shape sustainable urban development across the world for coming generations.

The Children and Youth Assembly is an opportunity for governments, local and regional authorities, UN agencies, the private sector, and critical stakeholders to make commitments for action around sustainable urban development, as well as discuss policies and strategies to effectively harness the power behind urbanization for a more sustainable and green future. As a key constituency in sustainable development, children and youth have been playing a key role in the intergovernmental negotiation process leading to the Habitat III Conference.

The UN MGCY alongside our partners World Vision International (WVI) wishes to showcase youth and marginalised peoples engagement in sustainable urban development projects in their community throughout the world, as well as ensure a continued space for children and youth to be active participants within the mechanisms which will govern the implementation, follow-up and review of the New Urban Agenda.

Together we hope that the Children and Youth Assembly will highlight and celebrate the contributions of young people in the Habitat III process. Provide a platform for youth globally to share knowledge, solutions and make commitments toward the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. Provide a space for partnerships to be established across generations. As well as promoting the role of young people in shaping sustainable human settlement, and create awareness of the importance of their meaningful engagement and contribution to just, equitable and sustainable cities.

The assembly will highlight how as current citizens and future leaders of our cities, young people should be empowered, included and recognised as being agents of change in fostering a more sustainable urban future for all. The key recommendations and outputs of the Assembly will inform a “Children’s Charter” and “Quito Youth Commitments”, to be shared throughout the Habitat III Conference. For more details about the Assembly, please go to

And to those of you who will be attending the summit, I look forward to seeing you in Quito, I hear that the food in Ecuador is amazing.

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James Andrews — October 2016