Tenacity: What I’ve learned from our business team

Business is not my natural setting. I’ve learned from our business team how a well-orchestrated organization can sing harmoniously.

  1. You do it because first and foremost, you have to prove it to yourself.
    Our business team is competitive in nature and pushes through for their own success. They have to prove performance to themselves and that it is repeatable. It is as much of a self challenge as a career goal.
  2. Build objective relationships that match the growth of your company. 
    Professional relationships are built upon practicality and objectives. They are guided by a process that favors long-term partnerships over short-term profit. Our business team has shown us how to lift our collective reputation by building honest relationships rooted in mutual understanding and innate desire to grow.
  3. Walk away from a bad deal. It is never worth the effort.
    Negative perspectives are persistent and hopeless. They are set to ensure failures that lead to “I told you so!” sentiment. When faced with it, don’t waste your time fixing this vicious cycle — we see this happen so often with potential clients that aren’t a “fit”. It doesn’t mean they are bad, it just means they aren’t right for us.
  4. Chase those who will help your dreams come true.
    Our business team are the oracles of our collective dreams. We have so many dreams, they loudly share each of them! They know our dreams intimately and hold the key to opportunities that make them reality. They know what we are after and they find the people who will open those doors. Choose who will align with your vision and help you realize it.
  5. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.
    Words their vehicle, voice their medium. Their supper power is in persistent communication internally and externally. They proactively learn about everyone and every idea around. They challenge us to articulate our ideas more fully, while delicately following up on their connection with clients.
  6. Make the choice. Indecision will hold you back.
    Luck favors the prepared and opportunities rise up unannounced. The time in hand to act upon them is scarce and there is rarely any room to wait for validation or evaluation. Our business team makes decisions and follows through. Tip-toeing loses every time and not every outcome is favorable. Taking the risk is better than letting the chance pass you by.
  7. Embrace your company’s uniqueness.
    Our MU/DAI way of doing things, saying things, and making things is exactly what they use to get us in front of the right people. The business team celebrates our uniqueness every day, reminding us of why we sing together.

I am so proud of our business team, they inspired me to write this. Hit them up on LinkedIn. Invoke a conversation and get inspired by their tenacious desire to infuse innovation into your business:

Dwayne Stoltz, Brad McRae, Paul Sowada, Zach Lewis