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meditative meal

“vegetable dish in white ceramic bowl” by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

i observed my lunch today.

as i couldn’t meditate.

noticing each ingredient.

and its overlooked taste.

the forgotten sweetness of boiled carrot.

like water mixed with brown sugar.

the burning pepper in my throat.

that hid on the side of the bucatini curl.

the limp choy soaked in steam.

rendering it soft from a distinct crunch.

tomato turned to orange from red.

yet retaining its distinct tanginess.

the broccoli is fiesty.

warm and bitter.

the chillies are hiding.

planning a hot pop my palette.

as i carelessly bite into their seeds.

the stars of my meal however at the bottom.

cloves of garlic infused in olive oil.

creating an unmissable aroma.

leaving their strong essence in the pasta.

i finish my meal.

hoping this counts as today’s meditation.

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