I shall say this only once

Unbabel Newsletter #019 — Thursday, 7 June 2018

Original strip by Tetley Clarke

Dear earthling,

Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once.

As of this morning, I managed to get my hands into the top secret, ultra secreto, documents containing the latest updates on the Unbabel Annual Event. 
 Now, because this information deserves to be public, I just got the necessary security clearance to share it with you. So here’s my major scoop:

🔥 Microsoft,GoCardless, Farfetch, GitLab, and many others will be joining us in Lisbon this June 21st. See all the confirmed speakers.

🌎 You’re also about to find out the topics that we’ll be covering at the event. From personalisation at scale to entering new markets, from marketing to customer success, it’s all here.

👀 And last, but definitely not least, here’s a glimpse of our venue:

Okay, now if you haven’t registered yet, please do so as we have limited spaces. Register here to join us on June 21st at the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown in Lisbon. 
 See you there?

What else is new?

💪 Unbabel partners with Microsoft Dynamics 365
 As of today, Microsoft Dynamics 365 users can integrate translation directly into their workflow by connecting with Unbabel’s solution, now available at Microsoft AppSource. Now companies using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer support will be able to understand and be understood by their customers in up to 28 languages. Read all about it here.

🗽 New case-study with our friends from CityPASS
 A few weeks ago we had a chat with our friends from CityPASS about how they successfully cut translation costs in half with Unbabel’s API integration, and shortened turn-around time of translations from 1 month to under 24 hours. This is the result.

🎙 Interviews with world-class journalists at GEN Summit
 To tell you the truth, our team was a bit starstruck at GEN Summit last week. I mean, it’s not every day that you get to meet journalists from the New York Times, Quartz, or The Washington Post. But we managed to put ourselves together and we did a bunch of interesting interviews that will be published soon. Keep an eye on The Understanding. ​

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