“I really like the brand and the culture here” — 60 Seconds with…Sam Wiltshire, Acquisition…

Apr 7 · 2 min read
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Hello Sam! Please introduce yourself in one sentence.

Hey all, my name is Sam Wiltshire and I am a rugby-playing, cocktail-drinking, food-cooking, status quo-challenging digital marketer that has been brought in to help the Pro (Professional or B2B) team.

Why did you end up joining Unbiased?

For three reasons:
* Because the organisation is, culturally, a data-driven organisation, even if the reports are not where we want them just yet.
* I was really attracted to the challenge of building out the acquisition function for the Pro team
* I really like the brand and the culture here.

What does your job involve and how does it contribute to a company’s success?

It involves setting up a scalable lead generation and unassisted signup pipeline of Pro clients.

Basically, to make the Sales team really busy!

Its early days but what are your first impressions of life at Unbiased?

From what I can gather via video calls, audio calls and slack, it’s pretty awesome so far; a work-hard-yet-have-fun culture which is what I like.

What are you most looking forward to over the next few months? What type of projects will you be getting involved in?

Getting to know the team and the organisation, but also to bring my skills and experience and apply them to the lead generation efforts for the Pro team.

What’s your favourite food to eat at lunchtime?

Generally leftovers from the night before, but I don’t mind a pub lunch on a payday Friday!

Originally published at https://medium.com on April 7, 2020.


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