Google Analytics Tracking for Convertables and much more!

Hiya! Alexa here. I’m back with a roundup of the most recent updates to help you become an even better marketer with Unbounce.

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Things have been pretty busy here at Unbounce HQ, can you guess why?

CTA Conference is Less Than 3 Weeks Away

CTA Conference is happening June 25–27

Now I’m no expert, but seeing the events team pulling long hours to make sure everything is just right, I’m going to hazard a guess that running a world-class marketing event with 1300 attendees is no easy feat. But somehow, they’re making it work.

We’ve got folks from Zappos, Vimeo, Shopify and more all coming to Vancouver on June 25–27.

Will you be there? If you need an incentive…our 2-for-1 flash sale is happening right now until tonight. Grab Your Tickets!

Google Analytics Tracking For Convertables

Integrate Convertables with event tracking in Google Analytics

After launching Convertables officially in February, our product dev team (aka…the Convertabuddies!) have been sourcing customer feedback to continue growing the tool.

You can now use features like trigger on click, advanced targeting, and our most recent improvement: Event Tracking in Google Analytics.

Now, you no longer need to embed your Google Analytics script onto your overlays. Instead, overlays will now inherit the Google Analytics code you have embedded on its host page.

Setting up the Google Analytics Integration is straight forward:

  1. First make sure you have your Google Analytics javascript and Convertables javascript embedded on your host page.
  2. Then go into your Convertables Overview and enable the checkbox under ‘Installation’. You’re done!

We know that Google Analytics has been tricky for Convertables, and this is just our first shot at a solution (but definitely not our last). Stay tuned for more updates.

Love Data? You’re In For a Treat

The Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report

The Unbounce Data Scientists behind the recent Conversion Benchmark Report are scary smart. Tommy Levi, the director of data science, literally has a PhD in string theory. Yeah, scary smart.

The report analyzes the behavior of 74,551,421 visitors to 64,284 lead generation landing pages created in the Unbounce. It’s super useful in plotting your pages’ performance versus your industry competitors, so you can decide which landing pages are killing it and which ones need your attention.

So You Want To Learn How Other Customers Convert With Unbounce, Huh?

The new Unbounce Customers section is live on the website

The new Customer Section on the Unbounce website features real case studies you can view for inspiration (or steal ideas from) whenever you want.

See how Workshop Digital used rapid fire tests to grow landing page conversions by 400% . Or how about how Hotjar nurtured leads by targeting an on-exit overlay to first-time visitors on their pricing page.

One Tip To Optimize Your Landing Pages For Phone Calls

Guest post by Unbounce Expert, Nicholas Scalice

How to optimize your Unbounce landing pages for phone calls

If you’re looking to get the phone ringing with more prospects, have you ever considered lengthening your landing page form?

If your Unbounce landing page offers prospect the option to fill out a form or connect with you by phone, simply add more fields to your form. Why? Because this creates friction (which is normally a bad thing). But in this case, it helps push prospects to opt for a phone call instead.

Log in to Unbounce and try it!

That’s all for this month, folks! Reach out and let me know if you’re coming to CTAConf, I’d love to see you there!


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