Integrating Unbounce and WordPress

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You can easily use both Unbounce and WordPress. Your landing pages can be built for marketing campaigns, traffic can be driven to your website, less time is required and you are no longer reliant on developers to create your landing pages. All of this is possible with Unbounce integrations. When a good call to action is included on your landing pages, your conversion rate and return on investment should improve.

Unbounce will help improve your marketing funnel for your website and all you need to do to begin is to connect Unbounce and WordPress. The process is simple and you do not need to have any experience with coding to succeed. You are only limited by your imagination. You can maintain your WordPress website and supplement your marketing campaign with Unbounce landing pages.

Once your page has been published for your WordPress URL and domain, your page will appear over any preexisting page hosted by your WordPress website. Your existing content will not be deleted. Your site visitors will simply see the Unbounce content for the URL you have published. One of the top benefits is the creation of exceptional landing pages on your WordPress site.

Think of Unbounce and WordPress as a team. Both offer benefits complementing the other by working together. Unbounce enables you to create your landing pages. WordPress provides the place to publish your pages. Digital marketing generally requires several different tools. You can integrate Unbounce with the most popular tools currently available including WordPress.

Integrating Unbounce and WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress offers the most popular and easiest method for the creation of both websites and blogs. Approximately 37 percent of all current websites are now powered with WordPress. One out of every four websites you have seen is most likely a WordPress site. Technically, WordPress is a licensed content management system. The open-source platform means you can modify or use the WordPress software at no cost.

A content management system is essentially a type of tool enabling the management of the most important characteristics of your website such as content. The best part is you do not need any programming knowledge to use WordPress. You are able to build your website so anyone can access your pages. You do not even need a website developer to succeed. WordPress is the power behind a tremendous number of business websites.

WordPress has become the most popular choice for creating and running an eCommerce store. You can create a wide variety of different websites and options including:

• Business websites
• Social networks
• Portfolios
• eCommerce stores
• Resumes
• Membership sites
• Blogs
• Forums

You can use your creativity to devise almost any type of website, then use WordPress to make it happen. WordPress offers you excellent versatility, flexibility and usability whether you have a small website or something extremely large. You can learn more about the impressive features and WordPress platform by visiting iThemes. The features include:

User-Friendly Interface

WordPress offers you a very simple interface ideal for beginners and veterans alike. None of the settings are complicated. If you understand how to use a WordPress processor, you will not have any difficulties using WordPress. The focus of the interface is placed on accessibility.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is critical for every online business. The SEO codebase provided by WordPress is exceptional, beginning with a technical level. When your SEO is good, the most popular search engines including Bing and Google will be able to find the content located on your website. If your website is not ranked well by the search engines, you will have a poor page listing and much less site traffic.

Built-in Blogs

WordPress gives you the ability to add a blog to your site just as easily as publishing one of your posts.


WordPress has developed a reputation for a lean framework. This means excess codes often responsible for decreasing website speed are removed on a regular basis. The result is a faster site.

Media File Library

A media library is built directly into WordPress. This is an excellent opportunity for uploading and embedding media files including videos and images into both your posts and pages. You can also use WordPress for performing basic image edits.


The majority of people all over the world have a mobile phone or device. These devices are frequently used for making online purchases and reading website content. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, you are losing a lot of potential visitors, customers and sales. Most of the themes available from WordPress are either mobile responsive or friendly right from the start.

Customized Menus

The creation of navigational menus is easy with WordPress. You simply include customize or page links to your site.

Integrating Unbounce and WordPress

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce was created as a conversion platform. You can use Unbounce to optimize your conversion rate through the creation of landing pages. The process requires very little of your valuable time. You can increase your target market engagement simply by using the sticky bars and popups provided by Unbounce. You can accomplish all of this even if you do not know how to write a single line of code.

You do not need to know any technology including HTML, PHP and JavaScript to make the most out of the Unbounce platform. One of the key reasons Unbounce has become so popular is you have the ability to transform your visitors into paying customers just by creating a landing page. Every time a visitor clicks on your ads, they will be directed to your landing page.

You can use the landing page templates provided by Unbounce. All of these templates are already complete. This means you simply choose the template just right for the needs of your business. Once you add text, you are all set. Unbounce is currently offering you over a hundred different templates focused on conversion. You will discover a lot of them are industry-specific.

Unbounce has already optimized these templates for conversions. You may be wondering how landing pages can be optimized by Unbounce for your conversions. After all, the design team is not familiar with your business or everything you have to offer. The answer is simple. Unbounce uses a lot of historical analysis. Over 64,000 landing pages have been studied by the Unbounce team that includes 74 million visitors.

Unbounce took the time to not only learn what will work but what does not. Everything the team learned was then incorporated into the landing page templates offered. This means you can take advantage of the research someone else conducted. Learn more at Unbounce. You will receive numerous benefits through Unbounce including:

The Ability to Build Your Own Pages

Unbounce provides you with a drag and drop builder including an excellent variety of more than 100 templates created for landing pages. You will be able to create and launch your campaigns even faster than a developer. Unbounce enables you to do everything on your own time as opposed to someone else’s.

Creating the Page of Your Dreams

When you create your own pages, you know they will look and function exactly the way you desire. Customizable templates increase the functionality and improve the appearance of your website with optional CSS and JavaScript. Unbounce offers templates for both mobile and desktop.

Growing Your ROI

Unbounce gives you the ability for ROI growth. You can use A/B testing, Smart Traffic and artificial intelligence conversion power for testing your pages. You will know what is working and what is not. You can experiment with forms, designs and messaging to validate the reasons visitor conversions are increasing. The result is an improved ROI.

Integrating Unbounce and WordPress

When to Use Unbounce and WordPress

To take advantage of the best benefits, you should use WordPress for the following options.

• Creating your website
• You intend to create blogs in the near future
• You are interested in saving money
• You want to showcase both your expertise and authority

You should use Unbounce for:

• Accessing software dedicated to creating your landing pages
• Substantially increasing the numbers of unique visitors to your website
• Making more sales through effective lead generation

You can use both by publishing your Unbounce landing pages on your WordPress site. Unbounce offers you a lot of special features and WordPress is great for traffic, blogging and your website.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

A WordPress plugin is a type of software providing a group of functions you can add to your WordPress website. You can also add new features or extend the functionality of your WordPress sites. PHP programming language is used to write WordPress plugins. This ensures a seamless integration with your WordPress website. According to the WordPress community, there is a plugin for everything.

Plugins make it much easier to add new features to your website without the ability to write even one line of code. The official WordPress directory for plugins offers thousands for free. You can learn more about WordPress plugins at WP Beginner. If you have already subscribed to any of the Unbounce plans, WordPress plugins enable you to publish your Unbounce landing pages using your WordPress domain.

The complexity of the CNAME setup and DNS record is eliminated. This means you can begin setting up quickly and easily. Although you will find uses for many of the WordPress plugins, some are considered a must-have for your website including:

WordPress Backup Plugin

There is no backup function built into WordPress. If any of the data on your website becomes lost, you will save a lot of aggravation and time by having a WordPress backup plugin available. A backup plan is critical for mitigation for a security hack or breach. The original backup plugin released by WordPress is called BackupBuddy. This enables you to restore, backup or move your entire website to another domain or host.

WordPress Form Plugin

This enables the addition of robust forms to your WordPress website including surveys, accepting donations, contact forms and uploading files.

WordPress SEO Plugin

Using a WordPress SEO plugin gives you the ability to add more SEO functionality and features to your website.

WordPress Security Plugin

A WordPress security plugin is essential for fixing common holes in security in addition to decreasing potential attacks on your website.

WordPress eCommerce Plugin

If you are selling services or products through an online store on your website, you need to have an eCommerce plugin from WordPress like WooCommerce.

Integrating Unbounce and WordPress

Integrating Unbounce and WordPress

You need to install WordPress on your root domain or your subdomain. There is no support available if you install your WordPress sites on a path. If you do so anyway, your form submission, conversion counters and lead tracking are not going to work. More information is available about WordPress integrations at Unbounce. You can integrate your Unbounce account with your WordPress domain by following the steps outlined below.

Step One

Log into your account with Unbounce.

Step Two

Click on the arrow in the upper corner of your screen on the left to go to the client where you want your WordPress domain installed. You will then see a drop-down menu listing every client in your account.

Step Three

Look on the left side of your screen for a button marked Domains and click. You will now see a new screen.

Step Four

Once on the new screen, click on the button in the upper right corner of your screen marked Add a Domain. You will now see a new dialogue box.

Step Five

You will see a tab in the new dialogue box marked Add a WordPress Domain. Click on this tab. Enter your URL or WordPress address into the blank field.

Step Six

Complete your addition by clicking on the blue button in the lower right corner of your dialogue box market Add a WordPress Domain.

You must be certain your Unbounce domain is an exact match to your URL or WordPress address including any capitalization. If you use a www for your Unbounce domain but install a naked domain for your WordPress, your plugin will be unable to receive authorization.

Adding a Plugin Directly to Your WordPress Account

Step One

Go to your account and navigate to the section marked Installed Plugins.

Step Two

Locate your Unbounce WordPress plugin. You will now receive instructions on your screen for installation and activation.

Step Three

Look at the WordPress sidebar menu on the left. Your Unbounce plugin will be authorized once selected from the menu by clicking on the button marked Authorize.

Step Four

You will see a list on the Installed Plugins screen of the Unbounce pages you have published to WordPress. If you do not see a list appearing, you need to go back to Unbounce Page Management. Your Unbounce pages can then be published to the WordPress domain directly from Unbounce.

You can also publish Unbounce pages on your WordPress domain by going to the Unbounce Page Overview and clicking on the button marked Change URL.

The Bottom Line

Integrating your WordPress website with your Unbounce landing page is an excellent way to see faster results. The amount of traffic you receive and your conversion rate are dependent on the quality of your landing pages. You can effectively use Unbounce sticky bars, popups and landing pages with your WordPress website. The idea is to combine the features of both for the best possible results.

You do not need to have coding experience or a lot of technical knowledge to integrate Unbounce and WordPress. Unbounce offers you the creativity required to create a unique and effective landing page. Publishing your pages on WordPress enables your visitors to know what products or services you are offering, helps increase your conversion rate and is critical for business growth.

WordPress provides you with a wide selection of popular plugins for adding new features or improving your functionality. You can increase your profits, reach your business goals and even run a successful eCommerce site. These are only a few of the reasons Unbounce and WordPress integrations have become so popular for the modern-day business.