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Introduction To Unbounce

Unbounce is the top choice for businesses looking to create high quality landing pages. When it comes to converting traffic, nothing beats a good marketing campaign. Using Unbounce Google Analytics is one way to help ensure that you follow the proper steps for growth in that area.

Noting how most businesses approach marketing will show you one common pattern. There is a bit of a learning curve for the beginner, but as you continue your endeavors, marketing becomes easier. Unbounce Google Analytics has many tools for everyone from beginners to high scale marketing consultants. These platforms are amazing by themselves, but integration is what sets Unbounce apart from other similar resources.

The eCommerce space is one of the main consumers when it comes to integrated marketing platforms. Unbounce has created a way for many of these companies to increase sales without increasing their monthly overhead. The best way to achieve your goals is by creating the most responsive internet marketing campaigns.

You can automatically capture leads with the ability to gain more conversions with Unbounce. There are many companies that offer products for email marketing and none can compare with the landing page creator that Unbounce Google Analytics offers.

Unbounce Google Analytics

Why Integrate Using Unbounce?

In terms of taking your business to new heights, there are not many methods that can help you accomplish your goals like Unbounce Google Analytics. There are changes that occur everyday in business that cause you to rework certain strategies. Integrations makes this very simple due to the advancements in coding and app association.

You can give your brand the tools that are needed to reach dynamic analytical results. If you wait for the competition, you can get left in the dust. Don’t wait for your competitors to get the edge, find out what marketing campaigns work for you and get busy with planning asap.

Noticeably there are many jobs that make you repeat the same steps over and over again. The one aspect of monotony is that you know the results most of the time. The bad part is that you have very little chance for sustained growth in your business. Sending out hundreds of emails a day is now just a thing of the past.

These systems and integrations will allow you to have more time to perform other duties that are required. Staying true to your initial goals can, in turn, create more exciting leads and possibilities for the future. Integrating your marketing plan with Unbounce Google Analytics allows this level of freedom and so much more.

Pro Tips

The idea of a successful marketing campaign is to turn email leads into sales and conversions. Once this is achieved, your job is technically complete from a marketing standpoint. The right integrations can give you the tools needed to create those leads you want to convert.

A cohesive feel for your landing page is one way to bring all of your ideas to fruition. Find the layout of your choice, and make it stick. Don’t change your ideas every other day, this will cause your consumer base to have less faith in what you are trying to offer.

Sites like www.fcfva.com are affiliated with the same marketing concepts mentioned, and are a great model for how well email marketing works for social news websites. For eCommerce sites, there are a couple more steps that you will need to take:

  • Create an easy to navigate layout for your leads
  • Think of a design that is simple, yet touches the bases you need to cover
  • Ensure to include contact information and forms to get feedback
  • Make sure that your site loads fast enough for your customers
Unbounce Google Analytics

How Does Google Analytics Work?

Wondering how to keep track of all of your new incoming website views and clicks? There are many options available, analytically speaking. One of the best ways to ensure that you are in complete control of your numbers is by using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is one of the most used web analytics services that is available to consumers on the web. There is also a way to include and SDK that will track your data from iOS and Android apps. This tool is known as Google Analytics for Mobile Apps.

Finally you can track your website activity with ease. Activity like session duration, pages per session, and bounce rate can be tracked in real time using this wonderful tool. Tracking your landing page can show you sales, lead generation, and more.

The Unbounce Google Analytics integration is very important for anyone who wants to take their marketing to scale. Don’t sit back and play the guessing game, each lead that you receive can potentially be a customer. You will want to ensure that you try your best to get the most out of your potential conversions.

Script Manager

While landing pages are very vital to internet marketing campaigns, there is more to getting results than just having a good looking page. Where are you viewers coming from? What do they need to find on your site? Are you keeping track of locations and conversions?

There are a couple of different ways to find the right method of integrating Google Analytics and Unbounce. You can utilize the script manager option, or take the steps to integrate your landing pages manually. Most tend to use the script manager since you simply have to enable bot filtering and drop a code.

Under settings, you will have to find “Script Manager” in the drop down menu. After which you will click on “Add your first script”. Following this, you simply select “Google Analytics” from the drop down menu and you are on your way.

The reason why so many developers and marketing professionals use Unbounce Google Analytics integration is for the simplicity. These apps tend to work very well together, and source your crucial numbers with the ultimate accuracy.

Conversion Goals

Are you looking for better ways to hit your target objectives? Don’t get caught up in the rat race when you have to find out where your numbers are going. Unbounce Google Analytics integration gives you the opportunity to make the most out of your conversions by setting real goals.

When you are using the Unbounce form confirmation dialog, you can track your submissions as a goal in Google Analytics. The way that you go about this is by utilizing something called a “regular expression”.

A regular expression gives Google Analytics the ability to track each and every variant that you select on your landing page. This allows you to do your necessary tracking without having to create a new goal for each variant.

Following the regular expression, you will then need to move on to customizing your Google Analytics event tracking. The first step is to set up your tracking, unless you chose to use the Script Manager feature. Using Script manager allows you to bypass the setup since event tracking is automatically created in Google Analytics.

Unbounce Google Analytics

Integrating Using Unbounce Google Analytics

If you are a user and you want Google Analytics to work alongside Unbounce, no worries. Unbounce is a great way to increase your site traffic and engagement. If you are looking to combine the tools, the Unbounce Google Analytics integration can work wonders for your business needs.

If you have ever received an email from one of your partners or clients that was promotional in design, nine times out of ten they used a landing page creator. The scale in which most successful companies strive to grow takes a large deal of persistence. Sometimes you will find that even the highest rated integrations can sometimes cause you more headache than ease of mind.

Integrations Unbounce Google Analytics will increase your productivity, while giving you the information needed to understand directly where your leads are going. This is a great method to increase sales, and also gives you a better sense of accountability in terms of users on your site.

Best Way To Setup Google Analytics

This is an easy step by step guide to setting up Google Analytics. By following the steps listed below, you can be one step closer to achieving the lead generation and analytics that you need for success.

Here is how you setup Google Analytics step by step:

  • Create a free account, or sign into your Google Analytics account
  • Set up what is called a “property” in your specified Analytics account
  • Go to “reporting view” and initialize the setup
  • Follow the instructions to add your unique tracking code to your website


Campaign measurement is one very important feature that Google Analytics offers its users, as many use this tool for management purposes. If you are looking to see which campaigns are sending traffic to your website, then you must use proper testing to find this out. Unless you are properly tracking your campaigns, you may miss important information.

Tracking your goals can be a daunting task, but it is totally necessary. Google Analytics gives users goals features that will track conversions for you. This gives you insight into any activity that is happening on your website, app, or landing pages. If you choose specific goals for your website, then you can track them with Google Analytics.

If you don’t know your audience, then you will be at a loss when it comes to taking good measurements. If the past is any indicator of the present, then the idea that demographics are unimportant is just false. Don’t waste time chasing fake numbers, find out exactly what your audience is all about by using Audience Reports on Google Analytics. This is a way to discover the best insights on the things that people are interested in.

Flow visualization is another great option that is offered using Analytics. This flow graph gives you the reports that you need to find out everything you need to know about potential leads. Things like how many views, backtracks, and snapshots will help you find out what things your crowd wants and needs.

Using Unbound Google Analytics custom reports gives you the best chance to succeed when you are working with website traffic. Unbounce is a world renowned landing page creator, and the inclusion of Google Analytics gives you an edge that many people simply don’t know exists.

Unbounce Google Analytics

How Integrating Unbound and Google Analytics Can Help You

The technology that Google Analytics offers is definitely industry leading in terms of lead and campaign tracking. When you take the risk of starting a business, you want real answers for the questions you will face. Don’t take the chance of losing good leads any longer with basic analytics reports.

Learning ways to increase engagement is a skill that is sought after by many in the business. No longer must you hired consultants for tasks like analytics any longer. Now we have the opportunity to track our lead generation, along with goals for conversion, with ease. This peace of mind is not only a time saver, but it gives you the most accurate numbers that you could expect

Integrating Unbounce Google Analytics is a great way to take your landing pages to the next level. A landing pages is essentially worthless without proper analytics. If you are looking to learn more about your audience, then you will want to increase the reach of these products. While Unbounce offers analytics reports, the integration of Google Analytics takes that a step further with the top analytics program available.

Now your numbers will mean more, and you will be able to gauge interactions much more easily than ever before. Don’t take the easy route, find out all that there is to know before you get started. While the two systems are very similar in nature, the two can measure a lot of the same metrics differently.

Differences Between Unbounce and Google Analytics

Pageviews and more have metrics that we use to find out what’s going on. If you are getting visitors to your website from across the world, you will need to learn more about the locations, and frequency of visits.

These metrics are created to give the user more ways to get to know their leads. If you have customers from out of the country, yet your business is based locally, you will want to know more about this traffic. Metrics like sessions, and click rates will give you vital information that you wouldn’t have available otherwise.

One metric that Unbounce does NOT use is Product Detail View. When reviewing Enhanced eCommerce reports, we use Cart to detail or buy. These rates are measured through correctly tagging these events. This is yet another reason why the Unbounce Google Analytics integration is so crucial for businesses that run marketing campaigns.

Why Unbounce Integrations Are Helpful

Businesses are building with Unbounce, thanks to the many integrations that are available for use. Now you can bring in conversions and optimize lead generation power without all of the added stress. This in turn gives your business the fuel to run efficiently and effectively. Don’t waste time running basic campaigns any longer, pull the trigger and open up the floodgates.

Traffic comes to websites that are totally worthy. You have to include everything and do it right in order to successfully achieve the goals that you set out for. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time, there is no way to lose. Just try to understand your goals and the rest will tend to fall into place just like you need it.