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Unbounce Pricing — Landing Page Builder Comparisons

Unbounce Pricing — Landing Page Builder Comparisons

Landing page Builder Comparisons

If you have generic landing pages, you will probably still struggle to make great lead conversions into sales. You, therefore, need to come up with a stunning and optimized landing page builder to ensure that you direct your clients down the funnel.

If you still don’t know the best option for your site, don’t worry; this article will guide you in making an informed decision. We have made some in-depth landing page builder comparisons to advise you on each tool. Therefore, keep reading to learn more.


Unbounce, founded in 2009, is one of the most popular online landing page builder comparisons in the current market for small and large enterprises. It enhances your marketing experiences by allowing you to design and publish excellent landing pages. Further, it’s considered one of the fastest-growing platforms globally, which has made it a preferred option by top names such as Vimeo, Hootsuite, New Balance, and The New York Times.

The software is straightforward since it doesn’t require any coding skills. Additionally, you will enjoy the drag and drop feature, which makes the tool highly cost-effective. Besides, it comes with multiple templates that you can tweak to your liking. There are also other elements to facilitate the creation of your pages which include;

• Sticky Bard
• Popups
• Landing pages

If you are a beginner on Unbounce, the page builder gives you a chance to test its features within a 14day free trial. Therefore, if you have ambitions to start your entrepreneurial journey, this software is an ideal option to boost your lead generation and conversions.

For those dealing with numerous clients daily, it’s usually tedious to work manually. With Unbounce, the tool has an agency oriented feature to assist you in managing, supervising, and organizing multiple accounts in a single dashboard.

You probably worry about losing online data, which puts your personal and customers’ details at risk. Luckily, the landing page editor has excellent tools aimed at maximizing the security of your webpage. Further, the platform follows strict safety standards and data privacy laws since its GDPR compliant. Some key elements to note in this area include;

• A double authentification allows you to set a second verification to alert you whenever someone uses your password.
• It has privacy by design, which keeps all forms and pages details fully protected.
• An automatic SSL encryption which ensures that all pages keep contents secure.

Unbounce Pricing

This tool comes in a three-tier pricing plan as shown below;

Standard plan

The basic plan is favorable for beginners, and it has the necessary tools that you need to test, build, and optimize. Additionally, you get eight popups, sticky bars, and 75 landing pages at $75 per month.

Premium plan

The premium plan comes with 150 landing pages, 16 Popups, and Sticky Bars at $179 per month. Further, it allows you to design sub-accounts for customers as well as other conversion tools.

Enterprise plan

If you run a massive digital agency or have multiple clients in your business, the enterprise plan is a good pick. You get over 375 landing pages, more than 40 Popups, and sticky bars. Moreover, you get a launch specialist and manager to maximize your ROI at $399 per month.


• It has easy to use and test landing pages
• It comes with highly advanced security features with GDPR compliance
• It features customizable templates which you can also edit
• It lets you build templates from scratch without any coding skills.
• It allows you to build and make additional changes on your pages with great precision


• It’s not a favorable option to build entire websites
• It doesn’t have 24-hour customer support.

Unbounce Pricing — Landing Page Builder Comparisons


Instapage is a cloud-hosted platform that assists you in publishing and creating your landing pages. You can use the program if you are in various online presence forms or run a personal website. Additionally, it’s an excellent tool that will propel your quest to improve your venture’s conversions.

The landing page builder come with instablocks, a great feature that lets you create multiple pages. Therefore, you can efficiently serve many clients within a short time. Additionally, you can make headers, footer, and call to action on several pages per your business needs.

Instapage allows you to integrate landing pages with other third-party solutions such as webinar providers and analytical tools. Further, it lets you promote your products and services by connecting your pages payment platforms like PayPal for payment collection.

After publishing your landing pages, Instapage also allows you to scrutinize their performance. You can use the heat map tool to see site visitors’ various activities, such as how far they scroll and where they click while viewing your pages.

Instapage Pricing

Instapage comes with a 14-day free trial; thus, you can try out various components to see if it fits your needs. Once you are satisfied with the platform, you can sign up for either of the below options;

Business plan

This plan will cost you a $199 monthly fee or opt for a $149 annual payment. Note that the yearly plan requires you to pay an upfront amount, but it doesn’t present a 25% discount.

Enterprise plan

The enterprise plan is tailor-made to meet your needs. Therefore, you must make a call to the sales team who personalize it according to your necessities.


• It has ample landing page publishing options
• It has a reliable live chat
• It lets you sell items via the landing pages
• It’s an easy to use yet advanced tool
• It allows you to create mobile-friendly landing pages


• If you make a landing page builder comparison, it doesn’t have as many templates
• It not favorable for casual web owners since its abit pricy
• It lacks enough e-commerce options

Unbounce Pricing — Landing Page Builder Comparisons


LeadPages is a landing page builder that enhances your business growth by assisting you in getting more leads and converting them into paying clients. It allows you to design landing pages or even create a whole website and get a quick online presence.

It features professional templates to optimize your data and achieve the best results. Besides, you can sort your results by conversion rates to spot the most effective design.

In case you are stuck while using the platform, you get assistance from real people instead of just automated answers. Therefore, it ensures that you have a smooth experience to accomplish your desired results.

LeadPages Pricing

LeadPages comes with three pricing plans as discussed below;

Standard plan

If you are a new entrepreneur, this plan would be a good fit for $37 per month. You get unlimited pages, popups, and alert bars. Additionally, it avails more than 200 templates that are mobile responsive and at least 40 standard integrations. Other features that you enjoy include a weekly group training, free hosting, tech support, and a Facebook and Instagram builder.

Pro plan

You can pick the pro plan at $79 per month. It comes with unlimited A/B split testing, standard features, email trigger links, and opt-in text campaigns.

Advanced plan

The advanced plan is favorable, especially for large agencies at the cost of $321 per month. It comes with advanced integrations, virtual workshops, five free sub-accounts, standard, and pro features.


• It helps you to filter templates while focusing on conversion rates
• It facilitates faster creation of landing pages
• It offers reliable integration options
• It’s easy to use and also affordable
• It has templates for almost all functions


• When you make landing page builder comparisons, leadpages seems to be sluggish
• The standard pan has limited A/B testing
• It lacks customization

Unbounce Pricing — Landing Page Builder Comparisons


Wishpond is a landing page builder used in generating, nurturing, and managing leads for your enterprise. It assists you in accomplishing your marketing leads with various tools that are simple and easy to use. Therefore, it facilitates all users, including the non-technical owners, to create online forms and landing pages.

You will enjoy creating landing pages, thanks to the multiple templates. Moreover, you can easily drag and drop various elements from videos, text boxes, images, forms, and social media tabs.
After designing various versions of your landing page, Wishpond also allows you to do A/B testing and get a detailed report. As a result, you can analyze the pages that have the highest to the lowest conversion rates.

A critical factor in Wishpond is the creation of popups to convert additional leads. You can also choose how they will appear on your websites, such as after a delay, entry, or exit. It also lets you disable the functionality on mobile versions to have an excellent user experience.
If you make landing page builder comparisons, Wishpond provides better analytics for your business’ leads. As a result, it allows you to get the following details;

• You can see all lead properties across all campaigns
• An in-depth analysis of visitor activities on each page
• Overview of all activities in campaigns from the number of clicks on your page, site views, to the rate of open emails.

Wishpond pricing

The tool has three pricing plans with each one giving you a free trial for 14 days as shown below;

Starting plan

As a novice, you can use the “Starting Plan” to provide you with a taste of the platform and make landing page builder comparisons. It will cost you $49 per month with unlimited popups, leading pages, social contents, custom CSS, unlimited user accounts, and 1000 leads.

Pro plan

When you upgrade to the “Everything you need” plan, you get API access, unlimited user accounts, A/B testing, custom user accounts, all “staring out” features, and a maximum of 2500 leads. Its priced at $99 per month, but you can also opt for the yearly plan of $149.

Rapid Growth plan

The growth plan has everything you need from unlimited users, 10,000 leads, and all other previous programs. Additionally, you get free implementation training and priority customer support at $199 per month.


• It has multiple integrations
• It’s a smooth and reliable land page builder
• It comes with conversion-focused templates
• It has an advanced email automation


• It doesn’t have a dependable customer support
• The prices are a little pricy

Unbounce Pricing — Landing Page Builder Comparisons


Lander is an ideal option for businesses seeking to grow in the digital market. It’s an easy to use platform; thus, you can quickly make landing pages using the video editor without any developer skills. Further, the tool compiles all the key elements to create social widgets, videos, among many.

With Lander, you can conduct A/B testing of up to three landing pages, such as testimonials, colors, headings, subheadings, etc. Therefore, you can make a better market decision and still make more audits on the same URL without raising the alarm to your site visitors.

Lander also lets you make integrations with your favorite tools and applications on your landing pages. Moreover, the software has integrations with top analytic tools, e-commerce tools, and more.

Lander pricing

If you make landing page builder comparisons, it’s notable that Lander’s pricing is simple and straightforward. Besides, it comes with a two weeks trial at no cost then it lets you choose among the following plans;

Basic plan

The basic strategy has a design that favors small businesses, and you can get it at $16 per month.

Professional plan

You can advance to this level at the cost of $42 per month, especially if you are in the marketing industry.


• It’s mobile-optimized
• It doesn’t require your credit card details on the free trial
• It’s easy to create pages


• It may be pricy considering your landing page goals

Unbounce Pricing — Landing Page Builder Comparisons


Landigi is a comprehensive digital marketing tool thanks to its straightforward landing page builder. It’s built with a starter in mind to allow you to take full control of your online campaigns from optimization to lead management. Moreover, if you have tried making various landing page builder comparisons as a novice in online business, Landigi is the right pick.

It’s also a good option for markets looking for an all-in-one solution for their campaigns. Moreover, it features multiple templates that can help carter to the needs of all entrepreneurs. Besides, if you are a pro in technical skills, it can also help you design the materials you want.

Landigi pricing

Landigi features various pricing plans to cater to all your needs as outlined below;


This plan is perfect when starting an online venture, and you pay $11 per month.


The core plan comes at the cost of $29 a month. You enjoy all features in the initial plan, email integration, popup builder, and unlimited pages.


If you need more packages, this plan offers additional features at $45 per month. You also get three channels for customer support, unlimited popups, ten account users, and more.


An automated plan is a food pick if you need marketing automation tools. At the cost of $59, you get a campaign scheduler, A/B testing, and autoresponders.


• It has a wide array of templates
• It’s easy and straightforward to use


• It offers A/B testing on the high-end plans

What to look for when Choosing a Landing page Builder

Landing pages have become a necessity in digital marketing since everyone wants to accomplish the best results in any campaign. Therefore you must make the best landing page builder comparisons to pick the right one for your needs. Further, you need to consider some elements to make as discussed below;

Template System

A good landing page builder should have well-designed templates to let you get maximum conversions. Therefore, ensure your software uses responsive designs that are customizable and ready to use. You can also look out for better outcomes for factors like colors, videos, call to action, mobile-friendliness, and layout.


It’s essential to have the capacity to measure the results of various elements on your page to make the necessary improvements. Always confirm if your tool has fully integrated analytics to facilitate tracking and set-up.

Mobile Optimization

Nowadays, most of the customers will access your site via their mobile devices. You, therefore, need to use a landing page builder that ensures that clients will have an excellent user experience. Also, find a tool that doesn’t require you to make a complete redesign of your landing page to accommodate mobile responsiveness.

Integrated A/B Testing

When creating a marketing campaign, you need to do A/B testing since markets differ. Therefore, you need to see the impact that your landing page makes to know if it’s worth the investment.

Numerous user Accounts

If you want a landing page builder for your marketing team, you want each person to access the tool easily. It makes your campaigns effective and helps to save on time. Moreover, the software needs to allow repeated use to avoid creating new designs every time you need a landing page.

Multiple landing pages

The more landing pages you have in your tool, the higher your chances of getting better lead generation and SEO. You, therefore, need to choose a tool that doesn’t limit the number of pages you can build.

White Labelling

Choose a tool that allows you to make white labels on the elements of your landing page. It lets you brand your page to achieve various needs and to custom your domains. Further, ensure that the software allows you to recycle your domain names to use in the future.


It’s essential to choose a tool that allows interaction with emails and tracking systems. It makes you work easier when creating your landing page and also saves on time.

Ease of use

You may be a pro in programming, but it would be best to choose a page builder that is easy to use like Unbounce. One of the significant features is a drag-and-drop element that makes your work easier and saves time. You can also check for other shortcuts like delete, copy, paste, and undo.


The above article gives an in-depth review of some of the best landing page builder comparisons in the digital market. They are vital to assist you in leading your clients down the funnel. Therefore, you should consider all the essential elements to choose an excellent tool. Unbounce, is one of the preferred platforms regardless of business size since it’s easy to use and boosts your ROI.




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