Can’t believe people earn from Social media?

Meet Rebeka Liepiņa - Unboxed influencer from Latvia! We collaborated with Rebeka on the ‘Karen Millen’ campaign and she was more than happy to share her story with Unboxed community. Would YOU like to get paid for posting pictures on Instagram? Read Rebeka’s interview below!

‘ I am a collector of beautiful memories and moments that life gives us — that is why I love to explore’.

Rebeka, could you tell us more about yourself?

I believe joy is my choice and not something that someone can steal from me. So I look at everything with joyful eyes, because if not now, then when? I really love spring, because it is the time when not only flowers but also people seem to bloom around us. I am a collector of beautiful memories and moments that life gives us — that is why I love to explore. And it doesn’t matter, if I am exploring my country, nature or simply my neighbours’ hearts and thoughts. I just love to explore in general and to get to know people’s hearts. I love God more than anything and every single day I learn how to love people more and more.

What is your experience of working with brands on social media?

My experience of working with brands is not so impressive as other Instagram influencers. I would say that I am a beginner at this point. However, everyone has to start somewhere, right? So, if the brand chose to trust me — I will do my best to make them happy!

How or when you understood, that it is possible for you to earn from social media?

I started to realise that I can earn something by being on Social Media when different brands started to write me and offered to collaborate with me. I was really excited, that some of my favourite brands are interested to make stories together.

Rebeka always considers the smallest details and combines the colours to match the palette of her IG profile feed.

What are the key elements you take into account before creating a post?

Whenever I make a post, I like to do my best. I always think about the details, such as the quality of the photo. Also, I take into consideration if the colour palette of the taken picture would be appealing to my followers and match with my Instagram feed. And I usually choose to collaborate with the brands that I like myself, for example, if the brand values are similar to mine, or if I like the story behind it. Because, if you love the brand, you can always write something from the heart. Every time I post I think about the story I’m telling. It is important for me to be honest and to be consistent with my I beliefs.

What advice (or tips) would you give to people who want to become influencers on social media?

I would recommend to just be honest with themselves and to their Instagram followers. Don’t just take every offer that brand gives you! Choose the brands that you love, so that when you post something — everyone could see fire in your eyes and feel the love you want to share!


Unboxed collaborated with Rebeka on the ‘Karen Milen’ campaign, where she earned 100€ for the pictures she took. Rebeka shares her story everyday with her 6k followers on Instagram and gets paid for what she loves to do! Follow her on to see how she captures her life’s precious moments.


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