We are transforming. Unboxed Social is becoming the Unboxed Network.

Since we started operations in 2014, we have helped set up and run social media influencer campaigns for companies like Nestle, Phillips, Microsoft and Huawei. By connecting brands with the people who love and use their products, and are inspired to talk about them on social media, we have learned the value of real customer support and advocacy.

But although we’ve been able to generate real value for both brands and influencers through these campaigns, we were frustrated by the limitations of current influencer marketing models.

Our main issues with the way things are currently done can be summed up in three points:

  • Only Influencers get paid: Every social media user has an impact on social media — not only influencers. By only paying the person who makes the initial post, you ignore where the real word of mouth and virality happens — in the comments and the shares.
  • Costly and slow:Transactions to influencers are restricted to traditional bank transfers- making them slow, expensive, and complicated when you need to make international cross currency payments. It is also too costly and time consuming to make small payments. All of this limits the scope and scale of your marketing campaigns.
  • Limited, resource intensive campaigns: Campaigns are centralized and, therefore high touch. They demand the resources of project teams and management. This makes them not only costly, but also difficult to scale effectively.
‘Being in this field for a while helped us understand the need for real changes in influencer marketing industry‘ Tadas CEO&Founder of Unboxed

How do we intend to solve these problems?

The Unboxed network will use blockchain to create a new model for influencer marketing. We will bring together a community of social media lovers where everyone gets paid to post about what they love on their favourite social media platform. Here’s a quick rundown of how the Unboxed Network will fix the issues outlined above

  • Everyone get paid: By using blockchain, we will be able to make quick micro payments to everyone who contributes to spread the word about a particular brand or product, Not just the person who makes the initial post gets paid, everyone who comments or shares the post also benefits.
  • Quick and cheap decentralized micro transactions: Blockchain will allow us to make quick decentralised microtransactions to anyone in our network. If you are part of our community and you comment on a branded post on Instagram that’s created by another person in the Unboxed community, we will be able to pay you immediately. And as all transactions will be made in Ethereum, there are no currency issues to get in the way.
  • Freemium, scalable and optimized campaigns. The Unboxed network community contains hundreds of marketing experts whose role it is to match each brand to its perfect influencer. And as every member of Unboxed is ranked and paid according to their effectiveness in the network, you are guaranteed that everyone — from marketing expert to influencer to commenter and sharer — is motivated to ensure the best results possible. What’s more, by incorporating marketing experts and a ranking system, the Unboxed network provides a solution where campaigns effectively run themselves.

Sounds great? We think so.

Welcome to the Unboxed Network. Influencer marketing 2.0