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Uncanny Recursions

Building an end-to-end data pipeline from scratch

This series is meant to cover a broad range of topics that involve setting up a production grade ETL pipeline. I have broken it down into chapters and more of them will be added as we move along this series.

I am a Mac user so everything that is written is in context of software and tools installed on OS X. You should be able to find and install equivalent versions of those for your own setup.

Feel free to leave any feedback on my Twitter handle or through my website.

Chapter 1 - Orchestration basics: Setting up Airflow in a local Kubernetes cluster using helm

Chapter 2 - Introduction to KubernetesExecutor and KubernetesPodOperator




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Rafay Aleem

Data Engineer at Faire. Based in Toronto. Music aficionado who likes playing guitar and is an Eric Clapton fan.

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