Tiny House

We are currently looking for a garden or patch of green to build and live in a Tiny House/Caravan.

The plan is, to buy a caravan (like the one above), as soon as we have a patch of green, and to make it self-contained as soon as possible. Including a shower and toilet. An alternative plan B is it to build a self-contained temporary tiny house.

We plan to be in Queenstown until June 2017. Of course will the patch of green be spotless when we get going back to Germany.

Credit: http://relaxshacks.blogspot.co.nz/2014/02/deek-david-stiles-and-joe-everson-team.html

Selina is going to work in the hotel industry in preparations for her Tourism Management Bachelors Degree and Marko will start an online course in Mechanical Engineering for his bachelor.

In exchange, we can offer gardening, computer work/help, a helping hand in and around your house, web- & graphic design or a small rent.

Call: 0064284005783 or 0064284005725
Mail: kagioglidis.marko@gmail.com
Thank you so much for helping us! Share it if you know someone who might be interested :)