Uncommon Hacks Red Bull Decryption Challenge

Abbott and Costello. Starsky and Hutch. The Big Fundamental and The General. We all cherish big duos, and when it comes to getting your Hackface on, we add Programming and Red Bull to the list.

At Uncommon Hacks, we’re doing something slightly — unorthodox. Hackers will be able to unlock the Red Bull vault by decrypting the following message:

▀ Å ▀ Å ⌂ ⌂ » ╧ á Å ≡ ╧ Å » ╧ ƒ » ≡

Hint: 20 letters, 4 words, 7 vowels

When you think you’ve got it figured out, DM us on Facebook and we’ll unlock it remotely for you!

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