Maybe you just need a Single Page, Flat HTML Website

Todd A
Todd A
Aug 31, 2015 · 2 min read

Chances are you’re going to ask your developer or agency to change the text on your website anyway, why not make it the fastest, best SEO experience around?

Firstly, forget upgrades and updates. If you’re a small business that doesn’t sell anything on the web, you really don’t need more than one page on your website. You need a website that gives your customers the basic information about your business and a way to contact you (email, address, phone) on the home page.

You could engage a designer or agency to create a single page site for you and code it in flat HTML. Flat HTML means there is no database vulnerable to attack, no login to administer, no updates to run.

Secondly, you need speed. Flat file HTML sites are crazy fast. That overhead you take on with a complex CMS that interacts with a database? It slows down the front-end of your site (what users see in a browser). CMSs also create overhead in their need for updates.

Thirdly, you need to land in search results. Flat files are great for SEO. WordPress does plenty of great SEO stuff by default but most developers / consultants are going to want to extend that functionality with a plugin which will slow down the load time, which will require another plugin to speed it up.

Not only does the speed of a flat file HTML website impact your SEO positively, but because the code is stripped down (it doesn’t require all the code “hooks” that a CMS does), search engines read it better and rank it better.

Want an easy way to test this? Before you hire an agency who pushes WordPress (or any CMS) on you, go to and test the speed on some of that agency’s client sites. Does anything take longer than 2 seconds to load? Ask them what they can do about that.

Single page websites are trendy and often quite beautiful. Check out OnePageLove for plenty of inspiration (and even templates for your developer). While you have to engage a designer or agency to get one online, you’ll save tons of time and effort on overhead. And if your designer does the job right, you’ll offer your users an effortless interaction with the most important information from your business.

And if you hadn’t yet noticed, is a single page flat HTML site.

“Seriously, do not start down to the path to a website for your small business until you read Todd A’s book.” — Amazon review

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