The longer you wait to launch, the more will go wrong

Todd A
Todd A
Aug 31, 2015 · 2 min read

Here’s another huge reason why you should launch with your minimum viable website: the longer you wait to launch, the more that will go wrong.

This is a truth rarely told to clients nor understood by them but once your initial site is designed and coded, the more you nitpick and change your mind, the more things go wrong. Your website is engineered. The code written was specific to the design. If you suddenly decide that the pictures on the bottom of the page need to be over on the sidebar, your developer isn’t necessarily going to re-engineer the page for you. He’s going to take a shortcut. So every time you change something from the initial design, you’re getting another shortcut until the code is spaghetti.

This may seem at odds with my earlier advice that your website should evolve and change. But what I want to caution you against is letting scope-creep deter you from launch. Once a site is launched and you have some real feedback on how users respond, then you can approach changes with your users’ experience in mind. At that time, you can engineer new solutions.

But when you haven’t launched and you’re just nitpicking the design and code, you’re creating more problems for yourself. You’re not looking at users’ reaction to the site and considering new design or engineering to fix it. You’re just micro-managing. Likely, you’re doing this because you didn’t have a purpose for the site at kick-off and so you’re just trying to fulfill a massive list of unstated requirements to be the perfect catch-all website. That’s a terrible mistake to make.

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