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Todd A
Todd A
Aug 31, 2015 · 2 min read

I’ve written several versions of these Unconventional Website Advices over the years. Some I’ve sent to clients. Some I’ve written as basic best practices for web teams I worked on. Some I’ve just documented to keep my own work open sourced. This version you’re reading is not a finished piece. Neither is it the best, most perfectly stated and researched piece. The web is never, ever, ever finished. I just thought it would be helpful to put this all in one place so you can refer to it as you build your site.

The web is an engine of democracy. It empowers anyone to set up a shop or a gallery and make stuff available to the public. And while we’ve all grown comfortable with the ways we can participate in web democracy (whether through Facebook, blogs, AMAs, comments, or myriad other ways), I’ve watched businesses who sell web services work hard to keep parts of the web shrouded in secrecy.

I also watch web clients struggle to do everything they need on the web by themselves.

Both of these groups of people are making the web worse. They’re tangling it up in spaghetti code, bad design, and buckets of keyword lists.

I hope we can start splitting the difference. The more you — the website-needing public — know about how we build the web, the better clients you’ll be. And the more we — the website-building professionals — tell you about our business, the better stuff we’ll build together.

This is Unconventional Website Advice v1.0.

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Unconventional Website Advice

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