Why I wrote Unconventional Website Advice

Todd A
Todd A
Aug 31, 2015 · 3 min read

There are two primary reasons why I wrote Unconventional Website Advice:

1) What I’ve noticed lately as I sell my content and strategy services is that my clients are spending their money on the wrong things.

My best example of this is the friend who told me that his company was serious about marketing themselves this year, that they’d just spent $10,000 on a new website. I am sorry to tell him that but that isn’t “marketing.” Building a website is infrastructure. It’s something you have to do in order to take the next step of marketing.

His company’s thinking (and perhaps this is what they’d been sold) was that the new website would do the marketing for them: it would magically appear higher in search engine results, people would share it more.

This is incorrect. Websites have to be built well in order to appear best in search engines and encourage sharing but merely building a new website isn’t marketing.

My friend’s company spent a huge chunk (if not all) of their marketing budget on a new website when they could have spent $18 a month with Squarespace and had $9784 left over for marketing this year.

If your business is like most small businesses, you’re in the same situation. You don’t really need a custom-designed website. You need a solid website that looks good, presents information well, and works on all devices.

Here’s a little “inside baseball” for you: Tons of web agencies aren’t even building you a custom website anyway. They’re using packaged themes and templates and sticking your logo on the package, tweaking a few settings, and charging you for work almost anyone could do.

2) My clients are trying to do everything at once. You may be there too. My clients who are just starting a content strategy take on blogging, social media engagement, email marketing, and more all at once. (This is really the same thing as spending your money on the wrong thing.)

Again, if you are like most small businesses, you need to build your business on the web the same way you would build it in bricks and mortar. Personal relationships and referrals are going to be much more valuable to your growth than anonymous social shares.

Don’t burn up your budget and your energy purusing strategies that won’t contribute to the growth of your business.

I want to help restore a sense of sanity to my work and the work my clients need. So I have to be sure that my clients are spending their money in the right place and they’re not taking on too much at once.

A note before we continue: I’m going to shamelessly plug a few web services that I really like. While all probably have an affiliate program that would throw me a couple of bucks for plugging them, I am not a member of any affiliate program. I refer clients to Squarespace, Mailchimp, Medium, Buffer, and others because I use those services and believe in them not because I’m getting a kickback.

“Seriously, do not start down to the path to a website for your small business until you read Todd A’s book.” — Amazon review

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