Crunchies 2012: Congratulations to category winners Fab and Fotopedia

As it has been the tradition now for a few years, our industry gathered last night to celebrate the achievement of startups and founders at the Crunchies. In a choked full venue (and a completely saturated AT&T network because of the number of smartphones in the audience), we enjoyed a fast paced program going through 20 different categories.

We were extremely pleased to see porfolio companies Fab win Best Shopping Application, and Fotopedia win Best Tablet Application. Congratulations to our teams, who both saw an exploding growth this year.

I particularly appreciated the tribute to my friend Heather Harde, the former CEO of TechCrunch, who totally deserved her standing ovation. And the emotional moment of Fotopedia’s Jean-Marie Hulot who recalled that the last time he was in this venue, he was on stage with Steve Jobs to launch the NeXT — but Steve was no more (JMH was the CTO of NeXT back in 1988, and then became CTO of Apple’s Application division).

Thanks again to TechCrunch, GigaOM and VentureBeat for keeping the tradition going. It would have been nice to have Mike Arrington in the audience, or somehow involved.