CSS Grid — Dev Tools

Emily Y Leung
Apr 11 · 3 min read

Live dev notes taken throughout the CSS Grid course by Wesbos — cssgrid.io

Tracks are considered “untouchable” because they aren’t the same as elements in a html page.

But we can inspect them as we build our grid(s)— through dev tools.

Two ways to open the inspector:

  1. Ctrl + Shift + i
  2. Right click the page > Inspect element

To display the grid highlighting, select the container and toggle the grid button under the ‘Rules’ tab.

To view just the grids, you can find them under the ‘Layout’ tab.

The reason why there are “items” shown in the list is because the base CSS file by default has display: grid on any element with class="item" .

Grid Highlighting Settings


Depending on your design, it might be easier to switch the colour of the tracks to a light or dark colour.

Display line numbers

Makes it easier to pick out where to place items.

Display grid names

Add custom names to your grid areas to make it easier to pick out where to place items.

More on this later.

Extend lines infinitely

Show where your lines would extend in the case of implicit tracks.

How to read tracks

The tracks are not numbered by the column, but rather the lines that start and stop them. So you’ll always have a count of one more than the number of columns / rows you have.

Solid lines

Start and stop of the explicit grid

Dashed diagonal lines

The area which makes up the grid-gap

Dashed lines

Defines the explicit tracks (we specified)

i.e. grid-template-columns: 100px 200px

Dotted lines

Defines the implicit tracks (we didn’t specify)

i.e. did not declare grid-template-rows


“something small, every day” — Austin Kleon

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