The Courage Club with Galen Bernard

Does the name Galen Bernard ring a bell?

For those of you who have attended the Under 30 Changemaker Summit before, you may have met Galen Bernard before.

Years ago at the very first Changemaker Summit, our lovely Tara Byrne encouraged Galen, a good friend of hers at the time, to put his mentoring abilities into a framework for the event which ultimately led to his founding the Courage Club.

However, for Galen, this was no overnight project. For the years leading up to the Summit Galen had worked in a variety of sectors based around enabling people such as social entrepreneurship endeavors, alternative education, and innovation centers.

The challenge, though, for Galen, was that all of these wonderful programs focused on giving creators outside resources and yet, as a mentor and friend to many, he noticed the real barriers were on the inside.

Founders battling high external pressure, facing bouts with confidence and anxiety questioning their abilities, dreams, and missions, Galen slowly learned how to help these people build the courage to maneuver these abilities.

Today, as mentioned, Galen has put his skills to the pavement in his founding Courage Club having worked with thousands of creators from Universities and Global Entrepreneurship programs and back to where it all began, at the Under 30 Changemaker Summit.

Be sure to say hi to Galen in when at the Summit in NYC this September.