How drones have changed our Environment and the Future…

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Drones as we see have transformed our lives, war methods, the way we conduct business etc. One could say future is not far where we may have traffic jam in air too and may be one drone controlling traffic as we see traffic police and signals today.


History and the rise of drones may seem a bit unusual. Usually we see a negative, evil stuff born from a positive problem solving idea, but here the reverse happened! Drones as we see in commercial spaces have been drawn from the drones which were earlier war machines(and are even today).

So how did they evolve?

Drones(technically Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAVs)) evolved as:

  • 1849, Austria: First use as balloon carrier and then as incediary balloons
Austrian forces besieging Venice attempted to launch some 200 incendiary balloons at the besieged city.
  • Post World War I(1914–1918), more adoption of UAVs by Nazi Germany and US.
  • 1959, Vietnam War: US Air Force was concerned of losing pilot over hostile territory. General John C. Meyer, Commander in Chief, Strategic Air Command, stated,

we let the drone do the high-risk flying … the loss rate is high, but we are willing to risk more of them … they save lives!

  • War of Attrition and Yom Kippur: Israel used UAVs with reconnaissance cameras to prevent wasting expensive anti-aircraft missiles. War events ultimately led Israel emerge as a world leader.
The Israeli Tadiran Mastiff
  • After Yom Kippur War some early people in the Israel UAV team created a startup on the idea: UAVs in Commercial Spaces


Drones can be classified into various categories but to classify them as their requirement:

  1. War: Target&Decoy, Combat, Reconnaissance
  2. Commercial: Logistics, Entertainment, Aerial photography, Agriculture, R&D

Let’s focus on how drones have changed our commercial spaces-

Agriculture: From automated planting, irrigation to crop data analysis drones to it all. Drones will play a vital part in farming in the future.

DJI MG-1S in action

Logistics: All your orders in a matter of hours no matter where you are drones are there to drop your package.

Amazon drone

Entertainment: We all are familiar with those aerial shots in vlogs and movies.

This thing looks great. Right?

Monitoring: It is a space drones play(and will play) a very important role. Checking pollution and air sample, inspection in rail tracks, telecommunication. Drones can also help us save millions of dollars spent !


Drones and our Future!

Drones will entirely change the way we function, the way we operate, the way we live life.

Drones in Construction Repairs: UAVs fitted with 3D cameras could build up repair models. Imagine how easy it would be to fit glass, windows etc. No time delay + huge cost efficient.

Drones in Emergency and Disaster Response: Reaching out help to people affected by earthquakes and other disasters. Medical help could just be quick and thus saving lives!

Drones in Disease Control and Healthcare: Spreading out antidotes could just be so efficient. Not just that, tracking disease and delivering medicines drones will do it all.

Drones in Telecommunication: Drones could help in better range for line of sight communication(LOS) and thus no lags or glitch that you hear while talking.

Drones in Future Travel: We hear about Uber flying cars and all seem so exciting. Dubai has already started a project in mobility transporting people from one place to another.

Flying taxies. Maybe?

Future may be super exciting with drones but surely we have a long way to go. If we can transform all the ideas into reality, reality could just be a science fiction once sought for.



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