Under a well

Go where any prompt takes you.

First thing this morning

She says:
we were driving
and you pulled over to turn around
and it was muddy
and another car, a BMW, swerved and flipped over
and it’s driver, a Beagle, flew out…

In the skywaves

Once I’m there and back again and then a few weeks later
I find the receipt in my desk and say, yeah, I went there, I remember that.
I saw a foreign couple take a picture in a…


Contents: must of ticket stubs
handed from hand to hand to
hand, pencil shavings, hasty
travel agglomerate. Pills.
Human mast, machines.

The life-smell of our old house
greeted me on the doorstep.
Saturday’s emigration,
a good sweeping and scouring
couldn’t scoop it out.

Love Letters

Love letters and love
the spaces between the words.
Meander among stems, nestle
under warming bellies, admire
serifs and spurs from safe distance.

Follow the silver thread
stretching from page-map
to mind-map.
Play among the hills,
but avoid the rivers.

The Body Good

Milk. It does the body good.
But what good is the body when the calf weeps formulated milk ducts from the scientist’s teat?
Lick those lips of perspirated celebrity icons and

Ocean Spray

She sang to me the other day,
A song so sweet and true.
And I sang back, I let her know
That I was bringing you.


Just stop,
For a minute.
Please redefine,
This gift to me.
For ten
All I knew was
An eye for an eye.
Hate meets hate.
Forget me nots were
Forget me…

It’s for suckers

transitions and line breaks are very important
to me
but I hate change. I fight it! like a madman!
for instance
I’m supposed to be a fully-fledged adult by now, but
I’ve been…

Here’s the thing, Cat

Since we met, I’ve been your biggest fan
I pet you.
I show you love.
I don’t mind that your belly swings as you scamper down the hall.
I don’t mind your dandruff or that…

Great Owl Circle

I had an uncle who was always so fun
And I learned later it was because he was bad
Or, maybe just wild. Maybe.
Anyway, the most fun
Was when he tossed my dad’s exercise…

Everyone accept death

This isn’t a real fear
but sometimes
I think I’m dying, a little bit

The last place you look

This won’t help you
Because we’re all different
But if you want,
I’ll tell you how I found it.
It was a lazy Sunday night
I picked up a Yoo-hoo
Arizona green tea…

Nobody’d notice

Nobody’d notice
But I wear colorful stripey socks
Under my shoes and long pants

How to write a poem

Get a pen and get a notebook and open the pen and open the notebook and sit down.
Title it: [insert awesome title]. Try: “How to Write a Poem.”
Take mental breather. Look…

Under a well
Under a well

Go where any prompt takes you.

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