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At the Ultimate All-Stars Weekend
Manila Philippines, 23–24, July 2011

Words and Photos by Aaron Vicencio. Access was provided by
MVP Sports Foundation

Kobe arrived in a private plane from Hong Kong. He had twenty plus pieces of luggage with him, all Louis Vuitton in different sizes and categories. I remember riding on the floor of the Ford E350 in awe. He had a basketball with him throughout the entire trip, the flight attendants told me.

We waited on the tarmac with dozens of grounds crew from other airlines.
Upon disembarking, the crowd behind us let out a huge roar, and Kobe turned and held out a peace sign.

It was surreal. I was one of the eight people who met him as he arrived. I stayed on the E350, Coach Chot asking me to just keep taking photos. Probably I was mouth agape the whole time.

A basketball clinic was scheduled the next morning. Other NBA players were already on the court. As well as a handful of kids that were going to participate in the drills.

Host and Sponsor of the games, Manny V. Pangilinan receiving an autographed ball from Kobe Bryant.
I remember seeing Kobe glance towards Manny Pacquiao in the crowd. Changed into a 50mm lens and ran towards them even if the bouncers and the guards were keeping a strict line for the photographers. Got the shot, ran back to my spot and held my position.

The games itself were a blur. Chaos and and pandemonium everywhere. But at the center of it all, Kobe was calm, in control, and every bit a blessing to everyone.



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