I so loved this book!
And if there is only book that you would read ever - let it be this book.

Told from the point of view of the Dalai Lama’s cat, this is a charming read.

Some excerpts, which are so very true:
1. “Begin by considering the advantages of practicing patience and the disadvantages of not practicing it”. “When one is angry, the first person to suffer is oneself. No one who is angry has a happy, peaceful mind”.

2. There is no place for guilt. Guilt is useless. It is pointless to feel bad about something in the past that we can’t change. But regret? Yes. This is more useful.

3. Fear - An instinct that prevents many people from taking actions that they know, deep down inside, would liberate them. Like a bird in a cage whose door has been opened, we are free to go out in search of fulfillment, but fear makes us look for all kinds of reasons not to.

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