LEGIT: Episode 1

The week’s thoughts chopped & screwed

Dropping Dimes

“We realized that the true problem, the true difficulty, and where the greatest potential is — is building the machine that makes the machine. In other words, it’s building the factory. I’m really thinking of the factory like a product.” Elon Musk

Muhammad Ali: I’m one of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to have two moments where I met the world’s most amazing athlete and activist. The first when I was SVP, Marketing for the brand Ecko Unlimited. My friend Glenn Chin at EA Sports and I decided that we should work on a project together (I’m going to blog on working on projects with your homies) and that project ended up being an Ecko Unlimited + “Knockout Kings” partnership, utilizing celebrity easter eggs and integrations. At E3 Marc Eckō presented Ali with a custom Ecko/Ali leather jacket. The second opportunity was probably a year later when I was at Urban Box Office and we had the rights to produce an Ali website of his sayings. Ali walked into the UBO office and rightfully received a standing ovation and I probably mumbled some words that I can’t even remember now. He was my hero who influenced so many of us. Thank you sir for standing up for what you believed in and originating this “swag” thing that so many talk about having these days. Rest in Paradise.

Feedback on our first article was nuts, the stats were thru the roof and I’m told the numbers were strong by my Medium experts………I really like this Kamau Bell Show…….…..For so many of us “What Do You Do For A Living and Where Are You Based?” can be one of the hardest questions to answer……..I’m starting to recognize a whole new breed of “hustlers” who play in the “diversity in technology/STEM hustle” and do it for the check only. I ain’t gonna call you out but just know that I’m watching you. The Third Wave is all about helping “off the grid entrepreneurs” get in the game not get you paid…….As the minority becomes the majority and the needs become greater priority to the national conversation, the fakes and jakes will be exposed…….The format of the conference panel must be blown up and put back together again. We need to find better ways to get the information to the people outside of the 4 speaker, 1 moderator approach. Any ideas?………The story of Chicago Library + YouMedia+ Chance The Rapper is amazing. I must replicate this……..I’m introducing the idea of an “IDEA Minimal Viable Product. More on that later…….How many Latch-Key Kids in the house? I think there were a generation of us…….The Power of Artificial Intelligence is incredible. Love Elon Musk’s approach to democratizing this innovation.


5 People I Hung Out With Last Week That You Should Too

Jewel Burks

Who: Jewel Burks is an inspiring entrepreneur who is a co-founder at Atlanta based Partpic and an ex-Googler. I met her most recently through my friend Seth Cohen she too is a Reality Israel Alumni.

The Math: Extremely driven, knows her stuff. A rockstar entrepreneur in the making

Marlon Nichols

Who: Marlon is a general partner at Cross Culture Ventures and I met him through my friend Troy Carter

The Math: Changing the game for introducing the idea of cultural impact investing

Nick Kisingler

Who: Nick Kislinger is a curator with Summit Series and from Los Angeles. I met him because Summit Series organically connects you with pretty amazing people

The Math: Nick and I are just getting to know each other but I foresee some incredible content for this year’s Summit At Sea because of some moves we are making

Michael Farber

Who: Michael is the founder of Breakout. I met Michael recently through Darrah Brustein

The Math: He put me up on Breakout, which is a really intentional event series that is essentially content in the widest sense of the word.

Aaron Schleicher

Who: Aaron is head of sales and author services at 800-CEO-READ. I met Aaron though Adam Braun

The Math: Schooled me on the game of book publishing, this guy has a ton of great experience in literary world. We talked about the similarities between book and music business retail marketing

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