Underfutures Episode 1: Platform Citizenship

Scott Smith
Jan 3, 2019 · 1 min read

Links and liner notes. More will be added.

The Changeist (here, @changeist and Madeline Ashby) team have kicked off 2019 with a new project — a podcast called Underfutures. You can learn more about it with our series trailer here.

Episode 1 has just gone live (at this link, or just listen above), and deals with the futures of citizenship, access and belonging—what nations, platforms, resources and ideas will we want to be citizens of in the near future?

Below are links of interesting based on our discussion in this episode.



  • Test Drive Canada—Air Canada’s ad campaign to “test drive” the country before migrating, launched after election of Donald Trump.

Platform Citizenship

Lastly, Madeline’s short story, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, was published on Slate.com.

Thanks for listening, and subscribe for future instalments.

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Collected liner notes and ephemera for the Underfutures…

Scott Smith

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Futures, post-normal innovation, strategic design. http://changeist.com


Collected liner notes and ephemera for the Underfutures podcast from @changeist

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