Scott Smith
Apr 11 · 1 min read

The uncomfortable present & possible futures of working, people, space and time.

After one false start (mystery audio gap in middle of initial session) we’re back with Episode 3 of Underfutures, this time talking about the changing nature of working, time, place and how people fit into these. Fresh off a multicountry collaboration. Madeline and I are joined by John Willshire of Smithery and Artefact Cards to talk about these themes, and pay homage to the patron saint of nomadic co-workers, Jason Bourne.

Listen to the end for a special offer (good til April 30, 2019).

Liner notes and references:

How the modern office is killing our creativity — FT

The Software That Shapes Workers’ Lives —The New Yorker

America’s Professional Elite: Wealthy, Successful and Miserable — The New York Times

The Rise of the WeWorking Class — The New York Times

In a WeWork World, Finding an Office Buddy is a Minefield — WSJ

The City is my Homescreen— Medium

Bezos Admits Amazon Has the Weirdest Meeting Culture—Business Insider

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Collected liner notes and ephemera for the Underfutures podcast from @changeist

Scott Smith

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Futures, post-normal innovation, strategic design.


Collected liner notes and ephemera for the Underfutures podcast from @changeist

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