summer 2017

Singapore is summer all-year round so my sister has been asking me to stop calling the upcoming school break “summer break”.

The same way we were warned as freshmen that we’d be calling the modules by their course codes and I was adamant that I would not, because how could it be easier to call something by a string of numbers than its actual course title, I’ve copped to calling the semester break “summer break”.

You always think there are things you won’t get used to but one of the greatest things about human nature is our adaptability. I didn’t think I would get used to university but what my second year of university has given me is a sense of settling that I sorely needed. I wasn’t in a good place in my first year; I still have leftover anxiety (and an excess of it at times) but I think it was something I needed to have gone through.

But back to the topic, calling our upcoming break “summer break” is technically true, but also, technically false. And on another technicality, I am not finished with the semester just yet. I still have three more submissions to go but I’ve been procrastinating on them.

How has the past semester been?

Not as lonely as I would have imagined when it first started. The first few days of the year for myself personally were marked by an overwhelming sense of jitteriness and insecurity. I wasn’t doing enough with my life. I didn’t have anything to look forward to.

It’s that particular time when everyone’s making plans for the year and telling each other about it. I realised I didn’t have anything and it made me feel just horribly awful because 2017 was a year many of my own peers were excited for. My friends were in relationships; they were going abroad for semester exchange; starting new jobs; graduating.

I felt like I had nothing. 2017 felt like a big nothing to me.

So,I sketched out two goals and one is to intern this coming summer break for the experience and the other is to travel.

The travel bit’s not finalised yet but hopefully, I’ll be to have more concrete plans soon. (On another note, I am glad for all the slightly salty posts last year about the commercialisation of wanderlust and how travel is a privilege and not an entitlement because for all the salt, there’s a grain (full plate) of truth and I’ve been able to hold onto them for perspective).

I took upper-level modules this semester for the first time in a bid to start on my specialisation. I’m planning to do a communications campaign for my final year project in less than two years’ time.

They weren’t so bad. Honestly, one of my lower-level modules had a more demanding workload.

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