Overview of crypto token projects using the Feynman Technique

One of the ways I like to learn things is by applying the Feynman Technique. The Feynman Technique, named for physicist Richard Feynman who embodied it, is the process of writing down what you are trying to learn as if you were teaching that subject to a child.

What’s so great about this method of learning is it forces you away from jargon. Countless times when you ask someone about a subject that they supposedly know, they respond back using words and concepts that themselves are required to understand. This makes learning from these sources very difficult. Instead, by utilizing the Feynman Technique, you are forced to understand a subject in simple terms. If you can teach a subject to a toddler, you deeply understand the subject. The more complicated the subject matter, the harder it is to do but the more you’ll understand it if you can.

One of the more complicated and difficult to understand subjects that’s growing in popularity is crypto tokens (also known as cryptocurrency). There isn’t a lack of resources available to learn about these projects necessarily, but instead a lack of quality resources to learn from. Most of the existing resources are complex and full of jargon. My background is in technology, yet I found most of the information out there complex and difficult to read, hardly stuff toddlers could learn from.

So in an effort to better understand this space and the projects going on within, I tried using the Feynman Technique. I picked a number of different projects that I found interesting or wanted to learn more about and the links below are the result.

They are not intended to be in-depth analyses but instead helpful guides to better understanding each project. In addition, I tried keeping any personal opinions of mine out of each and instead focus on just learning each objectively.

A few disclaimers to get out of the way. First, none of this should be taken as investment advice. If you are investing or have interest in investing in any of the projects below, please take caution, learn about them on your own, and formulate your own opinions before making any investment decisions. As Charlie Munger says, you need to do the work in order to hold an opinion.

Second, I tried my best with each one to apply the Feynman Technique. I most likely came up short in being able to teach all of these to a toddler but I hope the result is still as helpful for others as it was for me.

Crypto token projects overviews:

(I will update this list in the future as I add new projects)