Completing Tenders — Analysis of Contracts Finder

Public sector buyers in England and Wales were required to publish all tenders opportunity notices worth over £10,000 government departments and its agencies and £25,000 for other government departments and all corresponding contract award notices to Contracts Finder since it relaunched in February 2015. The opportunities are in every category including construction, recruitment and ICT.

Our blog on the benefits of good procurement data demonstrates why publishing the legally required data to Contracts Finder matters. Despite the importance of this data, many buyers do not publish their contract award notices.

We reviewed all the tender opportunities published in Contracts Finder from our own database of Contracts Finder data. We cross referenced all the tender opportunities that were over 300 days old with award notices to see if how many opportunities had matching contract award notices as of the date of our research. We determined that he tenders that could be linked to an award notice were complete and all tenders without a corresponding award notice were incomplete.

You can read the results here.