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Spend Network named as one of the 12 most innovative Open Data startups

First published 1st June 2015

Spend Network has been featured in TechWorld’s list of the 12 most innovative startups using Open Data today.

Since data.gov.uk was launched in 2010, there’s been a mini-boom of companies seeking to use this data in original ways. TechWorld’s list highlights the particular creativity of young companies making the most of this data, including Spend Network’s innovative work enabling both businesses and the public sector capitalise on Open Data.

We’re listed alongside some other great companies like swirrl swirrl.com, openCorporates.com and geoLytix.co.uk. The article name checks our procurement pipeline, a work in progress at the moment, so keep looking here for updates.

Links: http://www.techworld.com/picture-gallery/startups/12-innovative-uk-companies-using-open-data-3613884/#10 http://spendnetwork.github.io/blog/building-pipelines.html

Originally published at spendnetwork.github.io.