2012–2014 government spend on IT services from Spend Network’s database

Spend Network Reveals Trends in Government Spending On Professional Services

First published 21 September 2015

Spend Network research was the basis of an interesting Computer World article on the IT companies topping the government procurement charts and the future of IT government procurement. Combining open data research with market knowledge, the article shows where the government IT market is and where it could go in the next few years.

While Capgemini still reigns supreme as the IT company with which the government spends most, our data illustrates how much of this is dependent on one contract which is due to end in 2017. Computer World’s Charlotte Jee assesses the other big IT companies snapping at Capgemini’s heels and asks which ones could take over from Capgemini as the one the biggest recipient of public money. Our research shows increasing spend with Capita, decline for HP and steady growth for Atos, all in a fairly stagnant market. The data also shows the rise of mid-sized companies and further efforts to spend with SMEs through GCloud could enable these companies to expand in the government IT space.

Originally published at spendnetwork.github.io.