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Bank payout settings update

Our settings page, after years of neglection, has become outdated. We have dedicated more resources to other product development projects than revamping our ever-growing settings page.

Meanwhile, our finance department has revamped and restructured our entire banking setup to ensure we can collect payments more efficiently and provide you with better payout options.

To make sure your payouts are executed without any delay, we would like to raise your attention to the following:

Please check in your settings if your bank is:

A: Based in the correct economic region.


B: If you’ve submitted all data correctly for your banking situation.

For example, our US-based users can now submit all data we need to ensure their payout lands in their account faster and more hassle-free:

Please head to your settings here: https://dan.com/users/settings/billing

And head to the bank account details section to double-check and update any fields necessary.

Shortly we’ll add more options here including, ACH wires.

Last but not least, we’ve already completely overhauled and revamped our settings page, which will go live soon. We’re sorry you have to bear with the current settings page for now. Improvements on this front are incoming :)

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