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Dan.com To Showcase Tech Solutions For Global Challenges At CES2021

We’re proud to have been selected to represent the delegation from The Netherlands (https://bit.ly/2LF6VjO) at CES.tech to showcase how Dutch companies are providing meaningful Tech Solutions for Global Challenges.

Even though Dan.com is based in the Netherlands, the composition of our team and customer base is international. For over 7 years now, we’re working hard to solve the most impactful and significant problems and challenges we observe in the domain industry.

In the past years, we’ve experimented a lot and have gone through many iterations from a product and business model perspective to get here. Below you can find a short overview of how we started and where we are headed to.

Undeveloped.nl launched in 2014 with 65,000 domains listed to service the Dutch market:

Launched on Undeveloped.nl

Our second iteration launched at Rockstart Accelerator’s Demo Day in 2015:

We moved to Undeveloped.com in 2015 after raising €350k from Axivate Capital


In 2017 we launched Undeveloped 2.0, including our own auction platform to boost liquidity:

In this version we mostly tested our Unused Domain Pool & Auction platform

One of the most modern auction platforms launched in the industry, but it was too hard for us to maintain with a very small team due to unexpected events that occurred in this year:

We proudly organised the Domaining Europe Auction

Then came the introduction of what would catapult our marketplace to become an industry leader: the Domain Automation Network, better known as DAN.COM:

DAN.COM v.01 went live in 2019

This launch introduced our first experiment with using blockchain to solve some of the problems we couldn’t solve otherwise in the market:

In 2021 we’re investing more in our blockchain to bring what’s happening in the background to the foreground.


And now, in 2021, we proudly would like to show you a preview of Dan 2.0. This is the result of our new Product Design team that has spent months working on redefining what the current Dan is all about:

We’re first launching our revamped public pages within the next few weeks.

After that, we’re launching a completely revamped customer area which includes a lot of new features, including our very own registrar.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s coming to Dan users in 2021; stay tuned, stay hungry, stay kind to one and other and let’s make 2021 the best year ever in domaining!

With kind regards,

Reza, on behalf of the Dan team



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