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Dan & Godaddy aftermarket commission alignment

Dan’s mission has always been to reinvent domain trading, and by building a best-in-class marketplace, we have empowered thousands of domain name buyers and sellers with innovative features that you know and love.

Since joining GoDaddy in 2022, our team has continued to create value for buyers and sellers by introducing product updates, such as enabling Afternic Distribution network access and revamping the buyer control panel to better manage conversations and lease-to-own conversion.

Alongside GoDaddy, we aim to bring the best of each marketplace into a unified platform to better serve you.

As we work towards a unified platform, it’s important to align the disparate commission models currently in place.

As such, on February 1, 2023, the following commission structure will go into effect:

Importantly, you will still be able to import your own leads at the 5% commission rate.

The 15% commission rate for domain names pointing to Afternic, Dan or Uniregistry aftermarket nameservers includes domain sales closed through for-sale landers and sales facilitated through the domain reseller network that includes eighteen of the top twenty domain registrars. For those already using Afternic’s distribution network, this provides a significant reduction in commission rate versus the 20% previously charged by Afternic.

Our goal with this change is to align with other marketplaces and reflect the value provided to Dan customers, including automated payout and domain transfers, advanced portfolio management, and near 24x7 customer support.

This new commission structure is not a change that we made lightly. We reviewed numerous options. Here is an example of how the new commission structure may impact the average seller who sells 40% of their domains on Dan and 60% on Afternic.

*Note: For those using long-term installments, subject to VAT or other situations unique to the seller, the net amount paid to the seller could differ from the examples above.

This updated commission model can become even more advantageous when utilizing Lease-To-Own options where we will continue to split the service fees with the seller.

As you can see, in this scenario, the new plan provides a $600 increase in payout compared with the prior commission structure.

Our commitment to the domain aftermarket remains unchanged, and we are working on creating the best-unified platform. You can soon expect to see innovations such as:

For those not yet using the Afternic distribution network, we highly recommend opting in today so you can see the increased sales for yourself. You opt into Afternic by following the directions here (https://news.dan.com/220185-dan-com-product-update-7)

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Dan.com & Godaddy



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