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Enable 2FA authentication for additional account security

It takes less than 1 minute to secure your account with our new universal OTP 2FA Authentication integration.

The Internet is a place for serendipitous encounters, knowledge sharing & exploration, and for many of us, a place where we manage and operate our businesses.

The Internet is also a place where criminals with relative anonymity can wreak havoc and disruption. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you protect yourself online, otherwise sooner or later; you might knowingly or unknowingly become a victim of online fraud.

One of the security layers that can help with keeping your DAN.COM account safe is to enable 2-Factor authentication for your account.

Use your favorite OTP for 2FA authentication if you already use an app or tool for 2FA. If you do not use 2FA yet, we advise you to use the most popular 2FA authenticator offered by Google. Visit your account settings here to enable 2FA if you haven’t done so: https://dan.com/users/settings/account

Proper password management is still crucial

It’s a must to update your password frequently or use a password manager to make sure you’re using a unique password on all websites you’re active on. Otherwise, if one of the sites you use has a password leak, your other accounts might also be impacted.

Check out here if your email address is involved in 1 or more data leaks: https://haveibeenpwned.com

And if your email is impacted, change your passwords right away to make sure to keep your accounts safe in the future.

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