How do I transfer my domain?
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2 min readAug 24, 2016

Congratulations on acquiring a domain name on the secondary market! It’s now time to transfer the domain to a registrar where you’re going to manage the domain. Usually, it just takes two simple steps to transfer your newly acquired domain.


Let’s determine which registrar or hosting provider you want to use to manage your domain at. There are literally thousands of registrars from which you can choose from.

You can also use the registrar that the former owner has been using. Securing the domain at the current managing registrar of the domain is often easier & faster.

If you already own other domains, and the domain doesn’t have a transfer lock, we suggest you to transfer your newly acquired domain to your current registrar or hosting provider. If not, feel free to pick any of the registrars from the list posted after step 2.


After choosing a registrar, simply head to the registrar you chose and initiate the domain transfer with the so called authorisation code that we’ve provided you. Some domain extensions do not work with authorization codes. For those transactions we’ll provide you with tailored instructions.

We will send you this authorisation code in your secured buyer control panel only and not via email or our support.

A handful of good Registrars that you could use:

Have any questions left? Or stuck with a domain transfer? Reach out to our support team!

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