Start promoting your domains and sell faster!
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2 min readAug 24, 2016


You have the perfect domain but aren’t using it anymore? Start promoting your domains and let the world know that your domain is offered for sale!

There are two important steps to be taken before you start actively promoting your domains:

  1. Use DAN.COM’s for sale pages to promote your domains. The For Sale pages are by far the best thing you can do to promote your domain. It is like putting a for sale sign in front of your house when you want to sell your house at the right price.

Need help setting up your for sale pages? Check out this article on how you can start using DAN’s For Sale pages in just a minute:

2. Price your domains! Having a buy now price helps a lot. Be transparent towards your buyer. If you are actively promoting your domains and sending buyers to your For Sale pages then it is better to give them your price so they can at least see if the price matches their budget. Read the following article in case you are unsure how to price your domains:

Write your promotional text

Start by writing a 3-line promotional text. Take your time to create a catchy and easy to read piece. We recommend your promotional text to include:

  • Why is this domain interesting for the potential buyer
  • Inform your buyers that DAN.COM guaranteed s swift, safe and secure transaction
  • Link to your for sale page or add a screenshot of it in your email
  • Communicate your asking price to the buyer and inform them if you accept installments or not.


Non-paid, or free promotions are commonly used for domains which are worth between $1 and $1000.

Some of the interesting platforms you can use to promote your domains are:

Facebook pages / Twitter pages / LinkedIn pages

Social Media is the perfect way to reach a lot of buyers.

On Twitter you can use the following hashtags:


Pro tip: Put a link to your seller profile at DAN in your footer or biography on the platforms you are using online.

Signature text

If you are active on different social media channels, put “domain for sale” in your signature! The more people know about your intention to sell the domains, the better!