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Statement about recent events

Dear DAN users,

We’re a team that focuses on making an impact — right from day one. We are go-getters, and dreamers. Aiming to modernise old practices. Roll-up-your-sleeves-and-make-it-happen kind of people. We thrive on transparency, good ethics and we value solution-minded attitudes within our teams.

We strongly vouch for cooperation rather than isolation and our main goal has always been to deliver value to all stakeholders in the domain industry.

We want to be part of the solution rather than being a part of the problem.

Since 2017, we’ve been a target of defamation and continuous attacks by a company called Epik, which has had its fair share of scandals since inception.

Ever since, we’ve been a target of them, especially now that our company has become significantly bigger than theirs*. They appear to have concluded that they cannot compete with us and have engaged in multiple direct attacks of our brand publicly, through proxies, and by deploying anonymous commenters to spread fabricated stories about DAN.

We’ve ignored many of their actions in the past, because we’re laser focused on executing our ambitious product roadmap. However, last Friday, Epik has taken their attacks of our brand to the next level by sending a fabricated story about us in a mass email. As of today, we still haven’t received an apology or explanation from them. Their primary goal with this email was to hurt our brand and to gain new customers and this attempt was pre-planned and announced by them in June 2020* (See exhibit #2).

We really wish we could have avoided this situation, however, at some point enough is enough.

We strongly encourage you, our users to contact us when you are contacted by Epik with defamatory remarks about us so we can continue building a case against them. If they do not correct their unacceptable and unethical behaviour, we are forced to take legal action against them. Please do not hesitate to contact us when in doubt. Our support team is ready to answer all your questions about this situation and to provide answers to their baseless one-sided allegations towards us.

Back to work now. We have bigger fish to fry…

Cat engineer trying to automate catching catfish :-)

With warm regards,

Reza on behalf of the DAN team.

  • According to Domaintools Epik hosts 310,000 domains while we host 1,430,000 domains.
  • They offer 648,129 domains at Epik offered by sellers while we offer +7,000,000 domains on our marketplace.
  • Similarweb indicates that they receive 280,000 visitors a month while we receive 2,020,000 visitors.
  • Exhibit 2. In June they announced to start a defamation and slander campaign against us:
Exhibit #2 — an email sent to us in June from Robert Davis | SVP Strategy & Communications of Epik.com



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