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2 min readAug 24, 2016
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Brandable for sale page

Setting up a domain For Sale page is easier than it seems. By simply using our nameservers, we’ll automatically host a beautiful and fully customizable for sale page on your domains.

Click here to see how your domains will look like after you’ve changed nameservers.

The nameservers you have to use are:

Want to park with us using a-records or c-names? Request support and we’ll assist you with that!

Step 1

First, click on your registrar from the list below. In a popup window, you will now see specific information about changing your nameservers:

Step 2

Simply insert the nameservers in the nameserver fields to allow DAN to host a professional and fully customizable for sale page on your domains.

Primary nameserver or 1st nameserver:
Secondary or 2nd nameserver:

Running into issues or can only park your domains with us via other DNS records? Contact our support team for more details.

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