About the collection

We are an exclusive collection of 500 issues of our very first NFT, the Genesis Token.

These are 100% unisex shoes made from cruelty-free vegan materials by Italian artisans, with free shipping to the US, European Union, and England. Our tokens were created under the ERC-1155 standard of the Ethereum and Polygon networks, but we have eliminated carbon emissions thanks to the technology available in Rarible.

The owners of these NFTs will have access to a Discord website and channel only through the wallet that contains the collectible, on both platforms users will have access to Drops of other NFTs free and exclusive for members, in addition to wearables (in this case the sneakers) are also available in versions tailored to The Sandbox and/or Decentral markets and free for our owners to claim and use on those platforms.

Hodlers will have voting rights in a DAO that will manage a parcel of land in Decentraland and/or The Sandbox and hire visual artists to craft new NFTs for the community.

Another benefit will be receiving drops of tokens from other important collections of featured artists selected by the community.

Our collectibles can be purchased with a credit or debit card, which contributes to increased savings in the price of network gas for transactions.

Go to undisclosedcollectors.com.




Undisclosed Collectors is an exclusive wearable line tied to a unique Non-Fungible Tokens series on the Ethereum blockchain.

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