Accessibility of information and public institutions is still a major challenge for people with disabilities from Moldova

The campaign “People with disabilities vote for an inclusive country” reached Soldanesti and Leova, in the context of the 2021 early parliamentary elections.

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Dec 3, 2021 · 8 min read
Tudor Onofrei in front of a polling station in Soldanesti. Photo: Ion Buga

Ability to participate in socio-political life

Igor Guma with his mother. Photo: Dinu Bubulici
Igor Guma talking to the volunteers of the “MOTIVATION” Association. Photos: Dinu Bubulici

The vote of people with disabilities from Leova and Soldanesti in the parliamentary elections

804 people with disabilities from 43 villages in Soldanesti and Leova districts participated in the survey conducted by the “MOTIVATION” Association of Moldova.

“MOTIVATION” volunteers interviewing people with different types of disabilities in the village of Găuzeni, Soldanesti. Photos: Dinu Bubulici

“I’ve always participated in elections and voted, but now I can’t. I practically don’t see, it is very difficult to walk. My husband has the same health problems.”

At Liubovi Rusu’s home. Photo: Dinu Bubulici
Nicolae and Liubovi Rusu, pensioners from Gauzeni, Soldanesti. Photos: Dinu Bubulici

People with disabilities vote for an inclusive country

Ludmila Iachim and her colleague, Tudor Onofrei, testing accessibility in Soldanesti. Photos: Ion Buga
User-safari exercise with the local public administration in Soldanesti. Photos: Ion Buga
Vadim Groza, the deputy mayor of Soldanesti, tests the accessibility of the city in a wheelchair and with the help of a white cane. Photos: Ion Buga
The mayor of Leova Alexandru Bujorean testing the accessibility of the streets in a wheelchair
People with disabilities and the local public administration in Leova participate in an election day simulation exercise. Photos: Ion Buga
“MOTIVATION” volunteers during door to door activity in Gauzeni, Soldanesti. Photos: Dinu Bubulici
Lilia Puzderi Cainareanu, local coordinator “MOTIVATION”/person with disabilities

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