Anticorruption volunteer: “Pupils and students may pass successfully the exams without cheating or corrupting”

Cătălina Oboroc presents to her colleagues from the anti-corruption volunteer group their own strategy to diminish cheating

Catalina Oboroc is 20 years old and studies at the “Stefan cel Mare” Academy under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, being trained to become criminal investigation officer. Although being only a second-year student, the young lady has a clear vision regarding her professional career, and her number-one priority is to become a specialist with integrity with no influence of any form of corruption.

She is part of the anticorruption volunteers’ group established by the National Anticorruption Center with UNDP Moldova’s support. She mentioned that she got involved so as to contribute to curbing corruption, which starts already in school, when cheating. She believes that the upcoming exams will be a first test of personal integrity for pupils and students.

“Pupils are close to the exams’ period which is rather difficult and full of emotions. I would like to tell them that emotions should not influence their personality and determine them looking for easier ways to take the exams, which are actually some life lessons. I am sure that each one of us may pass them successfully without corruption and those illegal ways which would make it easier to take the tests, theses, and final school exams,” says the girl.

Catalina decided to become a policewoman since she was in the primary school, it just took her some time to decide about the specialization she would take. She mentions that she fully associates herself with her future profession, and this will help her become a good specialist in the area.

“When a person has the interest and motivation, things get easier”. When referring to corruption, she states that those who admit such acts actually compromise the image of the entire institution or that of the area they work in. “I think that there are many officers and sub-officers with integrity. I am sure that I will succeed to stay a person of integrity,” states the young lady.

Along with the other anti-corruption volunteers, Cătălina will organize several innovative activities to prevent corruption in education.

The group of anticorruption volunteers that Catalina is part of will organize and carry out over the current year several innovative activities to reduce corruption and promote integrity. With UNDP support, they will develop their own communication platforms and ideas to combat informal fees, favoritism, cheating — practices which generate corruption in education.

This activity is undertaken under the umbrella of the “Curbing Corruption by Building Sustainable Integrity in the Republic of Moldova” Project, implemented by UNDP in partnership with the National Anticorruption Centre and Ombudsperson Office, with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project, implemented during 2019–2021, contributes to developing capacities of the stakeholders from the public and private sectors, as well as from other civil society organizations, for efficient implementation of corruption prevention tools and standards.

Anticorruption volunteers will organize information sessions, thematic games, flash-mobs, social theaters and other activities. At the same time, the volunteers will participate together with the employees of the National Anticorruption Center (NAC) in carrying out activities to prevent corruption for the general public.

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