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E-waste road in E-Moldova

The ICT sector has a heavy footprint on environment and human health, hence the efficient management of e-waste is a legal obligation and accountability towards people.

Electric and electronic waste is a ticking time-bomb for environment and health

These electric and electronic waste were collected for further disposal by Andrei Turcan, inhabitant of Chisinau.
Andrei Turcan has found a harmless method to dispose e-waste: specialized containers.

“I have chosen this option, because we accumulate a lot of useless things over the years in our houses. I mean, old batteries that remained in our kids’ toys, that we all forgot about. Also, personal gadgets, different left-over telephones as we have switched to a new generation. The old ones are accumulated at home, because you know that by throwing along with other types of waste, will pollute the environment. I recommend to all of you to use this method for this type of waste, as everything that ends up here is afterwards reused.”

Clean city with recycled e-waste

Aurelia Bahnaru este una din inițiatoarele proiectului „Oraș curat cu e-Deșeu reciclat.

“The electronic and electric waste, named also e-waste, cannot be mixed with other domestic waste; this is a totally different category of waste. This is a very toxic waste, among the most toxic ones and a lot of researches has proved that the entire Mendeleev’s table may be found in this waste and when getting into contact with soils and water, they may become more harmful,” states Aurelia Bahnaru, Chairperson of the Association for Waste Recovery.

Pupils became ambassadors of recycling.

Selective collection in specialized containers — the only non-harmful solution for getting rid of e-waste

The specialized container, recently installed at Riolet Sistem.

“We have a box here. It is rather big, and people may throw there any recycling products, even the big ones. Even a TV set and a washing machine if it fits, and different types of plastic and metal which is being recycled. It’s super. I recommend to all companies dealing with equipment to get such a box,” states Sergiu Gusila, manager at Riolit Sistem.

The path of collected e-waste

Here is how e-waste is being collected at MoldRec.

“The waste collected in our containers or brought to our platform gets to the storage, and here our colleagues — the disassemblers get the waste sorted by different types of waste, such as plastic, glass, metals, cables, which are following afterwards their own path. The waste which may be recycled goes to our partners who deal directly with recycling. As for the rest, a part is recovered on the spot, and another part is exported so as to be processed in other countries,” states Ruslan Nercas, Executive Director at “MoldRec”.

MoldRec team, partner of “Clean city with recycled e-waste” project, in action.
Process of separation of electric and electronic waste.

Free of charge taking over of e-waste of small size — a legal obligation

Orange has concluded an agreement with a factory from Romania, which recycles the collected equipment.

“First of all, we acknowledge the impact technology has on the environment in which we live. We have a special corner in every shop where everyone can come and leave the phone to be recycled,” states Ioana Jipa, Head of Supply Chain and Purchasing at Orange Moldova.

Iuliana Cantaragiu, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment

“What the Ministry does is to continuously conduct information sessions for companies responsible to set up the system, which implies that the companies placing on the market a product with the possibility to become electric or electronic waste, for instance batteries, should ensure as well the process of taking over these types of waste from the market.”



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